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I will share how I got a small vibe of our 2016 Goa trip last Monday.

Last Monday(25th Jan 2021), while going to college, the bus was really crowded so I had to stand while going. I suddenly saw 2 guys who looked in the 22-25 age range standing. They were much taller than me. I am 5'8 or maybe 5'8 1/2 and they both were probably around 6'2. They both were wearing glasses and had lots of beard too. Even back in 2016, while going to Goa from our city Bangalore by overnight bus journey, there were group of 22-25 yr old guys in the bus and most of them had lots of beard and wore glasses and also mostly in the 5'10-6'1 height range and I was 5'7-5'8. These 2 guys that day too looked similar to those guys in that overnight bus journey in 2016. The only difference is that on Monday I was 20 and not scared of those guys whereas in our Goa trip I was just a 15 yr old boy and was getting scared of the guys there thinking what if they bully. It really felt awesome that Monday thankfully I got seat after approx 15 min of standing.
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Back in 2019, when I was in 2nd year of college in 3rd semester, it was a half working day in college for us so I was returning home in a public bus. My mood was kinda bad that day and also I was feeling really bored. Suddenly I saw 2 guys in their 20s who were locals in the area. I literally showed them tongue and made funny faces at them for fun and some time pass. I was 18 and usually I only do it when I go to Falakata or Siliguri but that I was just too bored so I did it. Suddenly I saw them getting on scooter and coming fast. One of the guy who was sitting behind the one driving it, was angrily saying something to me probably threatening me with a aggressive expression. I got really scared and was nodding my head left and right to say I didn't do it for them. Thankfully they only were staring at me and overtake our bus and went away and I felt relieved. If they really tried to confront me, I would have been probably even beaten up by them. I also don't know their language Kannada so it would have been even worse and also the bus conductor too would have made me get down from the bus as it would have been trouble for others in the bus too. I was lucky that I didn't get into trouble. After that I decided to only make funny faces when I go to Falakata and not do it anymore in my city Bangalore.

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