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I'm curious idrk how the law works anywhere...

Say a couple was having a dispute and the husband tried to walk away but the wife kept getting in his way when when he tries to avoid her. He then gently shoved her out of his way and she fell down a five story building broke her neck and died.. The whole thing was caught on camera is that still considered manslaughter and would he still go to jail ?
Yea they were at the top of a five story building near the stairs and shove wasn't intended to harm her hence it being gently.
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Prettybratbi1tch26-30, F
@Concretedust I know what manslaughter is but I thought it would have been different if he tried to walk away and she keeps getting in his way so he made an attempt to get her out his way. If she had just let him walk away she wouldn't have died
Buildingadoor26-30, F
tbh could be ruled as accidental death too, if the defendant's lawyer is good, but idk what the chances would be with an argument preceding the push 馃槼
this really happened though?
I wouldn鈥檛 push some on the top of a stairwell or edge of a rooftop or something. That鈥檚 weird and lacks restraint.
It鈥檚 called manslaughter ... the man鈥檚 actions directly resulted in the woman鈥檚 death ... which will get the authorities鈥 attention
Buildingadoor26-30, F
involuntary manslaughter? 馃
idk though
Orlbe26-30, F
Pretty reckless

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