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I usually tense up or flinch when someone touches me
It's never a noticeable flinch..and no I wasn't abused by anyone ever in my life...
But Think it's always only when men try to touch me even if its friendly
I feel myself recoil mentally lol
Freeranger · M
I'd say, find a remote corner in a men's sauna and heal. Maybe it's just me.
I understand. It's called being Asexual.
Jordayray · 22-25, F
[@1158409,littlepuppywantanewlife] LOL
Yeah try again
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
This as an old post now, are things still the same for you?
It is ok to be wary of others
Shapeshifter · 31-35, M
Maybe you're afraid to get close to a man because you fear being abandoned. Maybe someone, some guy, who was once in your life left you and you never really got over it. You're afraid of affection. It attaches you to people, so you use this as a defense mechanism.
Jordayray · 22-25, F
Poppies · 61-69, F
One of my sons has always recoiled a little bit from hugs. He has never been cuddly. And he really startles more than most people when someone enters his space unexpectedly. He’s in his early thirties and I wonder if he is “on the spectrum.”
Jordayray · 22-25, F
what else makes you think he's on the spectrum[@557324,Poppies]
Poppies · 61-69, F
That’s pretty much it. He grew up in the same family as my other two kids and has always received just as much love, but he wants his space. He’s bright, witty, funny[@11256,Jordayray]. And maybe a little obsessively we’ll-organized!
Pawan · 26-30, M
Keep distance while talking or interacting with anyone and also understand people's mindset why they wanna touch you if reason isn't pervert avoid thinking for it , if you still can't avoid that means you are born in wrong generation in this era nobody thinks so deep on this
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
It's definitely a mental process that is fear or phobia based. Really think about what it could be. Anxiety? Bad previous relationship? If it really begins affecting you, you may have to see someone professional.
Jordayray · 22-25, F
yeah, maybe...but I don't think I actually will lol knowing myself[@329500,uncalled4]
This happens to me too, especially if I'm not expecting to be touched.

I think it's a simple self protection response
Someone posted the same thing earlier, you two should talk
Jordayray · 22-25, F
lmfao it was me..but I wasn't getting a response[@843186,NunIover]
Catzgano · 26-30, F
Maybe your into women?
Jordayray · 22-25, F
absolutely not[@448279,Catzgano]
Catzgano · 26-30, F
[@11256,Jordayray] then it’s anxiety

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