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Where did all the fun people go?

You mean they [i]were[/i] here? 馃槀
@atlantic59 Lolz - I'm sure
atlantic5961-69, M
@fun4us2b I think one of them was asking about you. I said: 'I dunno'
atlantic5961-69, M
she asked is that a guitar neck in your pants? Are there strings attached?
MyNameIsHurl41-45, F
They out there having fun
@MyNameIsHurl Makes sense
MyNameIsHurl41-45, F
@MrBlueGuy right?
They left in 2016
atlantic5961-69, M
@DestinyCalling is that the year you got 'saved'
atlantic5961-69, M
I couldn't tell her fast enough
it's a telecaster
TheMasterMan122-25, M
They moved on in life. All of my former friends on this site left as well - it happens eventually to all of us.
TheMasterMan122-25, M
@atlantic59 Nah it was just life, fam. Happens to the best of us eventually
atlantic5961-69, M
@TheMasterMan1 actually, your old friends are now my friends and they keep going on about you...I just tell them: You are You, forget about it
and let's look to the future
TheMasterMan122-25, M
@atlantic59 lmao. i havent been online in years. they all just moved on in life. keep telling urself they're "going on about me". Truth is you just want to feel important.
WanderingThrough31-35, F
Um, hello?

I鈥檓 right here. 馃槫
Ambroseguy8051-55, M
@WanderingThrough you are fun!
WanderingThrough31-35, F
@Ambroseguy80 Haha, thanks! So you are you!
Ambroseguy8051-55, M
@WanderingThrough thanks. I鈥檝e always thought that we can鈥檛 rely on others to constantly entertain and amuse us.
Wabanaki26-30, M
To the depths of hell to rebuild ourselves though suffering
atlantic5961-69, M
@Wabanaki suffering is always nice. especially when it's done right
The SW cruise. Left last night.
atlantic5961-69, M
they are at the funhouse
up the road
and some are at the funny farm
even farther up the road
I'm not sure TC, but none of them ran for Congress, so we can "x" that baby off.....
Rhode5756-60, M
Depends what you call fun .
Henal26-30, F
NewBeginnings779036-40, F
tk999941-45, M
Go to hell! 馃槈

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