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What is wrong with blue hair and looking "weird"?

Being the white alpha nofap GOD that I am, I roll in right wing circles, especially online. One of the tropes they roll out when they wanna shit on lefties is "look at how weird the typical SJW feminist is" and show some blue haired chick who looks like she comes from art school.

I mean, outside of me actually thinking it looks cool and that there's nothing wrong with looking some type of way, it honestly just triggers my empathy. I always had a soft spot for ppl who don't fit in, and like if you put yourself out there with fashion knowing you're gonna get looks, I tip my hat to you. I really hate how ppl can't stand ppl who are different. If you are a blue haired feminist of a MAGA hat wearing truck driver, I want you to know that I LOVE YOUOUU!!!! *hugs*

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