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Thought your desires were a little strange?

A reposting from 8 months ago
Some Bizarre Paraphilias.
A paraphilia is an intense sexual attraction to something considered atypical or extreme. The attraction can be centered on an abnormal source, such as an object, a certain body part, or an abnormal activity.
[b]Dacryphilia[/b], Dacryphiles are aroused by tears and crying.
[b]Spectrophilia [/b], Spectrophiles are attracted to spirits and ghosts, and they claim to have sexual encounters with the specters of their affection.
[b]Acrotomophilia[/b],Acrotomophiles are sexually aroused by the stump or stumps of an amputee.
[b]Melissophilia[/b], Melissophilia is a specific form of zoophilia, the sexual attraction to animals. For melissophiles, their desire is focused on bees.
[b]Knismophilia[/b],Laughing is not always a welcome reaction in the bedroom, but it is a regular part of foreplay for knismophiles. Knismophiles love to tickle and be tickled.
[b]Menophilia[/b], Menophiles are aroused by women who are menstruating and prefer having sex with a woman who is bleeding over one who is not.
[b]Gerontophilia[/b], Gerontophiles are young adults who are sexually attracted to the elderly.
[b]Eproctophilia[/b], Eproctophiles are aroused by flatulence.
[b]Macrophilia[/b], Macrophiles are sexually attracted to larger beings. It involves more than just lusting after someone taller or heavier—they desire actual giants.
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