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Any magic enthusiasts here?

I’m wondering if anyone is down to share information their magical experiences. Is anyone here practicing?
Greyjedi · M
I once moved a waterbottle with my mind about an inch.

I know some magick but I haven’t been practicing recently.
@Greyjedi A professional magician can duplicate the illusion. James Randi had a million dollar challenge for anyone that can prove any psychic ability or event. It ran for over a dozen years. No one came remotely close.
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Do you mean like anecdotal claims of making potions and casting spells that don’t work? Or what professional illusionists do for entertainment? I’m a Penn and Teller fan.
@BlueSkyKing If I get hold of my friend and get permission, I've got about an 8-year-old video of him apparently influencing the direction of the flames in our fireplace by gesturing at them. He's just very nervous that the government might get hold of that and recruit him.
@LordShadowfire Eight years being afraid? The government doesn’t have any interest. Evidence must be tested repeatedly. With proper controls.

People that make the extraordinary claims can always have a hundred reasons why they won’t prove, but never a single why they will. Yet we’re expected to accept say-so.

Wiseacre · F
Just watching, not doing... fascinating!
mainvane · 61-69, M
I think I must not be putting enough effort into it. I used to put a lot more conscious effort into my rituals, and I got real results.
@LiliththeEternal I guess because what I really want to do is practice with a coven, and that's been denied me.
LiliththeEternal · 22-25, F
@LordShadowfire Sarcastic of Hogan eh?
@LiliththeEternal Hougun Manor. It's my little joke.

Several years ago, a hardcore Christian fundamentalist on Yahoo! Answers took exception to the fact that I use the word Lord sometimes in my name. She kept saying, "YOU ARE LORD OF NOTHING! ONLY JESUS IS LORD!" So annoying was she that I purchased this:

If you're wondering, Hougun Manor Estate is a wilderness preserve. I own one square foot of it, as do probably thousands of other smartasses, lol. It's a way of preserving the land.

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