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Hello.Thx 4 considering sending 1eft message. We all have to start conversation somewhere.
Anyone messaging me,can expect an honest response.Feel free to ask me stuff,as well.
I look,for messages often,and reply when i can.
I enjoy chatting with, many new/different people,and getting to know them,well.
be lying,if I said,sex/naked conversations,don't make me most interested/excited!
I'm usually bored,and often aroused,when on SW,and being naughty,makes conversation,more fun!
Hoping to have naked or sexual chats-with females,while surfing site.
Msg me,if u r game/interested,in this!?
Don't be shy!I'll do my part,when situation allows.
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Before posting, remember:
No name-calling or personal attacks.
No discrimination.
No harassment, bullying or threats.
No offensive, hateful, revolting or disgusting images.
Be kind and friendly.
Add positiveness.
Know when to stop and leave the conversation.
Ignore and Block offenders.
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