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Hello, this is Donna. I feel I need to post this as some ask me these questions often. I am Donna, husband is Ernie. Iam a clinical psychologist PsyD doctor. Ernie is an airline pilot, captain with American Airlines. We are in an open marriage, that is, we each have our own sexual friends often. There is no jealousy or secrets. Ernie nd I are very much in love and we do have our own special time together. I am bi-sexual and have two dear girlfriends. Ernie does have sex with them occasionally. He has a girlfriend, one of his flight attendants. Erin. I know Erin well she hs been in our home many times. I wish she was bi but is not. She is a little cutie. I have three men I am sexually active with. I hope this answers some questions many have ask me earlier. Sincerely
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