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what can be done about mass immigration now

in the uk, now that the supreme court has ruled that sending illegal immigrants to rwanda is unlawful?

something has to be done to stop all the boats full of invaders coming here, the illegal crossings over the channel...not to mention all the legal immigration here...this country is overflowing now we CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE MIGRANTS!

so realistically, what will be done to stop all the people trying to come here? and also we need to send many back who are here already...who is really running this country?
Well we certainly don't have unlimited resources to let everyone in.


[quote] boats full of invaders [/quote]


[quote] and also we need to send many back who are here already [/quote]

What a load of bullocks. Bet I don't hear you complaining about White European immigrants.
@BritishFailedAesthetic what i say is the truth, this country cannot take any more migrants full stop, whether they black, asian, white etc, no more migrants.
@knightTemplar Ok but that's nkt generally what you say in your posts.
Max312 · 26-30, M
@BritishFailedAesthetic It is so funny that some immigrants come on boats , and enjoy great life in america or uk .
No qualification ,
no exam , no job application , no invitation , just come , and enjoy .

But no illegal migrant can enter in 57 islamic countries .
even palestinians can't enter in turkey or saudi .
4meAndyou · F
This is a process done deliberately by your government, to overload the system. The eventual goal is to create a socialist state.

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