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Would you pay this much for perfume?

Nope. And fun fact, many high end perfumes contain ingredients like ambergris which is literally a fancy name for whale vomit.
Paladin56-60, M
@AthenaArena How would they harvest that?馃ぃ
@Paladin lol馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
hunkalove61-69, M
@Paladin Don't blame that one on Miley!
Not [b]even[/b]. One can smell good for much less than that. Starting with soap and water. 馃槄
Not when they can't even spell the word perfume correctly 馃檮
@SooperSarah Parfum is the French term that means 鈥減erfume鈥
@nedkelly I know. I was being sarcastic... which doesn't translate well in text form.
smiler201256-60, M
@nedkelly 馃 i heard ned manchester united have brought out a perfume for there fans 馃槅 THE SMELL OF FAILURE
[b][c=A69800]Hell no 馃槵馃樀馃檲馃槺馃う鈥嶁檧锔 I buy ones that are cheaper wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper that are just as good and same ml such as this one is 100ml. [/c][/b]
basilfawlty8931-35, M
I couldn't help but think of this:

@basilfawlty89 lmao "60% of the time it works everytime". "this is worse than the time the raccoon got caught in the copier" 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
There is another post on here about what you wouldn't buy if you won a billion $$. Now I have my answer.
How much per fume?
DrWatson70-79, M
@HollyW The label does say 100 ml!
@DrWatson That's the whole bottle. I want to know how much per fume, or how much per whiff.
DrWatson70-79, M
@HollyW Whoops! That went completely over my head! (Just like the reasons why someone would want to buy this stuff!)
Rolexeo26-30, M
I better have a harem if I spray that on me at that price
AndysAttic56-60, M
No, I spend way, way more than that. I wear Old Spice.
It's not like that extra cost will be realised in the quality or intensity of your scent when you're wearing it. I got the most compliments wearing the cheapest shit body sprays and next to nothing wearing designer fragrance.
ImRileyTheDog22-25, F
Mine was like $75, but of course I didn鈥檛 buy it lol

That鈥檚 what a significant other is for
DrWatson70-79, M
That sounds insane!

Even at a 14% more advantageous price!
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
Helllll nawwww

Most I'd pay for perfume is $300.
turbineman4080-89, M
No way would I pay that much for perfumes
@Lemonadepopper even if I won the lottery I would not pay that
@AthenaArena I mean I suppose if you鈥檙e rich it鈥檚 all relative but I find it obscene
Indy7446-50, F
It probably stinks to high heaven!! 馃ぃ
SarithBorn18-21, M
Is it anti aging formula? 馃ぃ
Thevy2936-40, M
Nope, I don't wear perfume.
TheStarsareout56-60, M
CopperFox42036-40, F
OldBrit56-60, M
Never understood these overly expensive things.

Unless they really REALLY make a life quality difference I think it鈥檚 an absolute waste of money 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
deadgerbil22-25, F
Nope, and it's sad that a lot of people would. People fail to realize how ridiculous they are in buying this stuff
I find this offensive and no retail shop should be allowed to sell it
$3500 at Neiman Marcus here. was tempted but common sense set in
TurtleDreams22-25, F
No but I know my crazy mother would
馃檵鈥嶁檧锔 14% more! 馃槼馃お
itsok31-35, F
Well it [i]is[/i] on sale
@itsok I know, right? Who can pass up saving 鈧400? I mean, buy the perfume and get you some boots at the same time.
Its insane hiw some perfumes are priced.
But then, so are some shoes, cosmetics, jewellery and clothes .

Some people just have money to burn i guess.馃し鈥嶁檧锔

Why? Would anyone?

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