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Hi. Thank you for messaging me.

I do get a lot of messages so sorry if I don't respond timely. If I'm online and don't respond, it may be for any number of reasons, such as chatting with someone else, responding to posts or I might just be AFK for an extended period of time. So don't take a non-response personally.

And I will look at your profile if I don't know you. Hopefully you've taken the time to put something on it. Please say something beyond just 'hi'. At least ask me a question or two, maybe about something I wrote.

FYI: I don't Skype, vid chat or engage in sexting. So please don't ask. I'm in the U.S. Midwest, but I've been stalked before so that's as much as you get.

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Before posting, remember:
No name-calling or personal attacks.
No discrimination.
No harassment, bullying or threats.
No offensive, hateful, revolting or disgusting images.
Be kind and friendly.
Add positiveness.
Know when to stop and leave the conversation.
Ignore and Block offenders.
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