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31-35, F
I'm an enigma, trapped in a quandary, stuck in a Chinese finger trap.
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I Hate You
I Am Drawn To People That Have A Dark Side
I Like Taking Drives To Nowhere
I Like Games Of The Civilization Series By Sid Meier
I Love Drugs
I Dont Like Seeing People Being Left Out
I Am An Addict
I Am Stronger Because of All I've Been Through
I Like Old Churchs And Castles
I Love The Sound Of Rain
I Just Want To Share What Is On My Mind
I Believe a Good Sense of Humor Is Important
I Dont Like Most People
I Love Game Of Thrones
I Like To Defecate
I 'm A People Watcher
I Think I Want a Divorce
I Like to Be Alone Sometimes
I Am An Alcoholic
I Wish I Could Discipline Other Peoples Kids
I Am the Child of An Alcoholic
I 'd Rather Get To Know You Than Small Talk
I Like to Listen to All Kinds of Music
I Want Someone I Can't Have
I Often Feel Like Life Isn't Real
I Am Tired of Feeling Like I'm Plan B
I Hate When People Have Children But Don't Want To Be Parents
I Am Kinda Messed Up, But Who Isn't
I Question Social Norms
I Hate Children
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