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I am here for purely platonic friendships and genuine connections only. I already have a boyfriend, whom I have been seeing for years, and I am NOT here for flirting. I will not sex chat with you, or send you naughty pics, and if you send me any naughty pics (pictures of your dick or your ass), you will be promptly reported and blocked. Oh, and I don't want to see pictures of your wife naked either. Those will be promptly reported too.

I am also not interested in talking about spanking, or any gross fetishes. And if you're here to play games (pretending to feel something you really don't, or pretending to care when you don't), you've come to the wrong place. Try any of that with me, and I promise you, you will be very sorry.

Otherwise, if you're a genuine person, and you're willing to be respectful, I'm happy to chat with you, though I'm much more likely to respond if you're one of my friends or we've interacted before in the public thread.
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