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36-40, M
Charming I love This Place Aspiring Porn Star Future Time Traveler Astronaut & Superhero
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36-40, F
So this guy talking about hes some ladies man πŸ€” said "yeah, does he do hat tricks. I don't know. Do you?
I love you mister president
You'll need these on the other site😁
Cheers fella
Enjoy my friend
56-60, M
thank yo9u for your kind gift is this because the shit i am getting when i criticised american trumpsters in one of your posts
Enjoy this snack
26-30, F
a hot dog to go with the popcorn n drink XD
41-45, F
I appreciate the gift thank you
Thank you! :-)
For the king of SW
31-35, F
Thanks man, I turned it into a coffee πŸ‘Œ
31-35, F
Lol i have no idea if those r pills or...πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚..but thx. This for uu
Thanks king πŸ˜‚
36-40, F
Thank you for the gift. I am happy to be one of your groupies here πŸ’–
41-45, M
You'll gain the ability to breathe fire if you eat this.
46-50, F
Yes boy! Chocolate is the way to a woman's heart!
26-30, F
Thanks for the gift. πŸ˜™
26-30, F
You’re awesome too !!
31-35, F
You’re awesome!!
Thank you 😊
Thank uuu πŸ–€
46-50, F
You're sweet Mr. John Olinger. I hope you have A,Great Day. :)