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From Roma - Italia and if you want to profile me read on: I'm as good to read as any novel.
About Me

Rome, Italy,

I do not know (Do you know where you are?)


The death of my sister in September 2017


Being proud of my country, traditions, culture, history, art, nature, food;
Italy, Italy, Italy ( need I reiterate more ?)
Respect of the law and order;
Respecting the elderly;
Watching the sunrise from a beach (preferably in winter)
Long walks in nature or in the city;
Trees and forrests;
The feel of the first autumn breeze on my skin;
Listening to my fathers childhood memories;
Slow walks with my elderly parents;
Having a brandy or cognac on my weekend evenings with my elderly father;
Weekends with my elderly parents
Cooking with my elderly mother;
Good craft beers;
Espresso coffee neapolitan style;
Half glass of good wine during my weekends;
Wine and a good selection of cheeses;
Dogs in particular but all animals
Respect of nature;
Distant church bells in Italian villages;
Dew on morning grass or spider webs
Observing the sky and the passing clouds
Being alone to reflect and think
Italy, Italy, Italy (Oh yeah already said that)
Walking in the rain and with no umbrella
The smell of the earth in summer after a summer shower
Black and white films;
Laurel and Hardy;
50’s, 60’s, 70’s music all genres
Quiet places
Humble people
Quiet people
Honest people;
Hard working people;
Black suspender belts on women;
Early spring, full blown autumn;
Poetry (mostly first world war poetry like Auden, Sassoon, Brooke, Owen);
Observing the raging sea in winter;
Gray skies;
The full moon on starry nights;
Taking walks in the fog;
Nationalism (in my case Italian Nationalism );
The Italian armed forces;
Travelling on trains;
Taking taxis.
Secret gardens;
Rocky walls with weed growing;
Fig leaves during a summer rain storm;
Distant rumbling thunder;
How distant lightning ignites the transluscent clouds;
Kicking autumn leaves;
Watching butterflies;
Hearing pop corn "pop";
Friday afternoons, saturday, sunday mornings;
Long hot baths;
Long hot showers;
Eating in quiet restaurants;
Single mothers that have more balls than men;
Curtains moved by a gentle breeze;
Freshly baked bread;
Dusty old wine cellars;
Sitting in church but not during mass;
Old books;
Park benches;
Quiet hotels;
Weeping willows;
Walker Texas Ranger;
Slightly burnt crust of cheese;
Porcini mushrooms;
Olive oil on fresh bread;
Lace bras on women;
Dark areolas;
Having my neck gently kissed;
Having a woman run her finger nail up and down my inner forearm;
Hearing a woman gently whisper;
The Roman Empire;
The Roman Army;
Women wearing tight jumpers;
Old school blackboards and chalk;
Smell of mint leaves;
Smell of basil leaves;
Gypsey moths;
Smell of lavander after a rain storm;
Blue hydrangea flower;
Growing water cress;
Mexican food;
Sleeping with my balcony window open;
Old westerns;
Gone with the wind (1939);
Tin man (Wizard of Oz);
JFK speech on secret societies;
Watching the rain from behind a window;
The sound of the rain;
Documentaries on youtube;
Looking at the sky reflected in puddles;
Looking at the sky reflected in lakes;
Looking at my dogs eyes;
The twilight zone;
London red phone booths;
Vanilla Ice cream;
Cambridge UK;
Being childish;
Vinegar on my french fries;
Freshly made orange juice;
Watching Bob Ross videos;
Apple juice;
Watching hamsters spinning on the wheel;
People that think life owes them nothing;
Smell of shoe polish;
Listening to PC keyboard keys during typing;
Smell of diesel train engines;
Tomato juice;
Fish and chips;
Don Mclean;
Clouds carressing mountain tops;
Mist rising from rivers and streams in winter time;
Lambs jumping in joy in spring time;
Kid goats learning to head butt for the first time;
English chocolate flake (OMG);
Daffy duck;
Tuna sandwhiches;
My mothers home made pizza (It SERIOUSLY ROCKS);
My mothers home made gnocchi;
Zuppa di funghi;
Drinking fresh water straight after eating chocolate;
Baked potatoes;
My mothers vegetable broths;
Shouting in valleys and hearing echoes;
Hearing donkeys munch their fodder;
Bumble bees;
Seagulls screaming;
The feel of fresh, crisp linen;
Wind chimes;
James Stewart;
Gregory Peck;
Detective Monk;
Star Treck (60's TV series);
Taking ferry boats;
Rotund shape of womens' boobies;
Maple syrup;
The crunching sound walking on fresh snow;
Marnie (The Hitchcock film);
Birds (the Hitchcock film);
British commedy (nothing compares to it);
The Russian National anthem;
Scribbling on paper;
The name Lorenzo;
Walls with ivy;
Fields of corn;
Mallard ducks;
Stained glass windows;
Gregorian chant music;
Frankenstein junior;
Teri Garr (So sexy in Frankenstein Junior);
Oliver Cromwell;
The sound of fountains in silent small Italian villages in summer;
Ducks quacking;
Stepping in puddles;
Botanical gardens;
Book shops;
DIY stores;
The alchemy between autumn beeches, sunrise, seagulls, waves smashing and sea breaze on the skin;
Sound of slow moving trains;
Grandfather clocks chiming;
Tip tap sound of a faulty faucet;
Creaking sound of old wooden doors;
Creaking sound of old floor boards;
Old abandoned houses;
Old abandoned cars in a junkyard;
Old farm fences and gates;
Italian old abandoned villas;
Sound of newspaper pages turned;
Old disused and abandoned rail tracks;
Old abandoned train coaches;
The distant sound of woodpeckers;
Zuppa di pesce;
Italian spumante (better than French plonk);
My mothers' Minestrone;
A glass of fresh lemon juice and water;
Mcvities chocolate biscuits;
Liquorice liqueur;
Street lights in the dead of night;
Moths flying around street lights;
Moss on boulders;
Moss on tree trunks;
Slow food philosophy;
Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel (Beautifully haunting French song 1959);
Vedrai Vedrai by Luigi Tenco (Beautifully haunting Italian song 1965);
Mi sono innamorato di te by Luigi Tenco (Beautifully haunting Italian song 1962);
People that risk their lives to save animals;
Sean Connery THE ONLY 007 !!;
Raw artichoke salad;
Reading decades old newspapers or magazines;
Looking at maps;
Il concierto di Aranjuez played by Pablo Sainz Villegas;
Charles Aznavour singing " Tous le visage de l'amour";
Jane Birkin singing "Je t'aime non plus" from 1969. Makes you wanna ;) If you know what I mean;
Sleeping on a night train;
Edith Piaf singing " Hymne a l'amour" (1950 _ the most intensly love song ever);
Edith Piaf singing "Mon Dieu" (1960);
Edith Piaf singing "Je ne regrette rien" (1960);
Edith Piaf singing "Les amants d'un jour" (1969);
Lucienne Boyer singing "Parlez moi d'amour (1930);
Oceanography videos;
Hippies (You will find this also in the I don't like list);
Old flowers losing petals in a vase;
Old shed doors with paint crusting off;
The song " Fra Diavolo" by Tito Gobbi (1933);
Window shopping (Not necessarily need to buy things);
"The living years" song by Mike and the mechanics (always makes me cry);
"I woyld give anything" song by Bread (always makes me cry);
" Empty chair" song by Don Mclein (always makes me cry);
Watching dogs sleeping;
Sound of horse's hooves trotting on roads;
The sound horses make blowing through their noses;
Ducks taking off in flight from a lake (they take so frickin long to rev up);
Ducklings following their mommy duck;
My tax going towards migrants;
My tax going towards lazy assed people;
My tax goimg towards paying asshole politicians;
Spicy food (Indian);
Blackcurrent fruit juice;
Fruit orchards in spring;
Picking grapes in a vinyard (It's awesome)
Watching grapes fermenting in old oak barrels;
Olive orchards;
Stone skimming;
Glass marbles from my childhood;
Wold horses running on a beach;
Albatrosses flying;
The film "See no evil hear no evil";
Crocii flowers;
Old wooden clothes pegs;
Old wooden clothe hangers;
Leaving my shirt, trousers, shoes hanging out all night long so the feel NATURE FRESH;
Shadows casted on walls by trees;
Shadows casted by passing clouds;
Shadow casted by me on summer evenings when the sun is setting;
Elephant man film (One of the most touching films ever);
Native american Indian wisdom;


The Italian income Tax service (fuck them);
Driving and wasting my time in traffic;
People that manipulate vulnerable people;
Extreme poverty;
Lazy people;
Cruelty to animals;
The corrida in Spain;
Hotels that do not allow dogs;
Loud people;
Babies crying;
Small children whining;
Rude people,
Presumptuous people;
Violent people;
Violence towards women;
Women seen as sexual objects;
Horrible obnoxious gay pride marches;
Fake people,
Obnoxious people;
Extremism in LGBT community;
Eating meat;
People that prioritize looks too much;
That everything rotes excessively around sex as a topic;
Electronic cigarettes;
Bing drinking;
Bing eating;
Fast foods;
People that spit;
People that eat with their mouths open;
People that do not say thankyou or may I;
People that do not say excuse me, pardon, I am sorry;
Hot humid weather;
Crowded places;
Rap music;
Sagging pants (Dear sweet God why show ones knickers?);
Men that scratch their balls;
Men that act as if they were alpha males (So *ucking cheesy);
Skin coloured stockings (dear God eww)
New Year festivities;
Birthday parties;
Cheap meaningless recurrences such a Valentines etc.;
Fake goodwill at christmas time;
Stupid presents at christmas;
Loud fireworks;
Mass migration towards Italy;
Migrants that are disrespectful towards Italy;
The degradation and lowering of QoL because of mass migration;
People that accuse one of racism for the above opinion;
Advocates of mass immigration to Italy;
Religion used as politics;
American football;
Sunday afternoons, monday mornings;
The colour purple or pink;
People that act as if they don't give a fuck (they do);
Hoodies (God I hate them);
Tattoos on the neck;
Tattoos on fingers;
Tattoos on legs;
People yawning without covering their mouths;
Sparkling mineral water;
Wasting food;
Throwing food away;
Pigeon english;
Talking on mobile phone in public;
Drinking directly from the bottle;
TV talk shows;
Save the world song;
I just called to say I love you song;
Do they know it's christmas song;
Bono Vox;
Gospel music;
Reggae music;
Ska music;
Religious preachers;
Cultures that do not have bidets in the toilet;
Wearing ties;
Using watches;
Loud motorbikes;
Sandals with socks;
Teeth sucking (the noise is obnoxious);
People making bubbles with chewing gum;
Depeche mode;
Manga cartoons;
Any japanese cartoons;
Abbreviations used in chat like "u" instead of "you";
Dirt under finger nails;
The British Monarchy;
Filthy rich oil tycoons;
Filthy rich bankers;
French and British colonialism;
Diet coke;
The love of money;
People that wear tracksuits all the effin time;
Women with face lifts;
Men that go the gymn for muscles (they still look fake);
"Tough guys" that walk "tough" (legs too open so they look like apes);
Hey jude by the beatles;
Men with ponytails;
People french kissing in public;
Sex and the city;
Left wing intellighentia;
Vogue magazine;)
Plastic plates and plastic cups;
Blowin in the wind song;
Harry Potter saga;
Loud mobile phohe ring tones;
Using mobile phohe while eating in company;
Excessive use of "LOL" in chat;
Western people becoming Buddhists;
Justin Trudeau (No,you will NEVER be another JFK);
Dependence on the internet (mea culpa);
The Verssailes Treaty and Wilsons 14 points (How to create dictators!);
Fruit salad;
People that think life owes them something;
Grundge music;
Wasp society;
Black panther movement;
People that refer to cognitive dissonance as if they were experts;
People talking too closely to me;
Seeing tourists here ask for cappuccino after lunch or dinner;
Hearing music "leak" from earphones because at 120dB;
Being praised;
The Ramones (like hell are they a punk band);
People that bite their nails (ewww);
People sucking on tooth picks;
People putting sunglasses on when its cloudy;
People that wear their sunglasses on their forehead;
Cowboy boots (So cheesy);
Tuxedo (So corny);
Bolo ties (Cheesy x corny);
Torn jeans (they are torn not fashion for gods sake );
Men wearing bracelets;
Men wearing necklasses and gold chains;
Men wearing medalions;
Overheated rooms;
Two timing a partner;
The wedding march (ewwww);
The "You may kiss the bride" (ewww);
The best man's wedding speech (cmon please !!);
The news;
Opinion polls;
Bob Dylans voice as a singer;
Playing cards;
Work meetings;
Judgemental people (not in contradiction with what I wrote below);
Hijhab on women;
Self righteousness;
Jean Claude Van Damme films;
Steven Seagal films;
Contradictory people;
Vendictive people;
Jealous people;
Red training shoes;
Quentin Tarantino;
The Blues Brothers;
Country and western music;
Scratch lottery cards;
Standing in a line;
Gangs and gang members;
Flip flops (outlaw them !);
Microwave ovens;
Coloured striped socks for men;
I want to write 5 or 10 word story crap in SW;
Hugs in SW;
Arab or indian music. (No offence, just don't like it);
Bollywood films;
Bruce Lee films;
People in SW that say they are nothing and empty;
Famous TV cooks and their obnoxious attitude;
Italian left wing intellighentia (stupidentia);
Pope Francis I;
Gambling machines;
ALWAYS turning the other cheak JUST BECAUSE it's politically correct;
ALWAYS forgiving JUST BECAUSE it's politically correct;
Regarding the terminology MOTHER and FATHER as as not being politically correct;
Throwing litter on the floor;
Squealing voices;
Women screaming where there is no need;
People screaming on rollercoasters;
Animated Gifs on power point presentations;
Too much written info on PPT's;
Effin complicated nature scenery PPT backgrounds;
Men wearing white socks with black trousers;
Caviar (ewww fish ovulation);
Oysters (it's like eating *shit);
Shaking hands with sweaty handed people (Dear God wipe dry first !!);
Weirdo religions like Scientology;
Weirdo people like John Travolta;
Weirdo female politicians like Angela Merkel;
Weirdo male politician like Macron;
Sitcom "Big bang theory" (so UN FUNNY);
Sitcom "Friends" (more a shitcom);
Fortune tellers and card readers;
Men at the grill doing their manly thing with sausages,ribs and hamburgers (corny);
People calling people corny (yeah, I said it);
Paris (it's over rated and the people rude);
London (It's not anymore if you get what I mean);
Women that publicly share on SW they are on their period (who fucking cares);
Men that publicly share tales about their weenies (who fucking cares);
So HATE the LMFAO acronym (do asses fall off?);
Trading places film on TV at christmas (Have a heart enough already !!);
Home alone film on TV at christmas (Makes wish christmas was banned);
Area 51 ( What a Walt Disney type of total BS);
French Grandeur (What? More like Minideaur);
The Caste system in India (try that in Europe and see the lefties uprise ;);
Star spangled banner (take no offence Americans but more than an anthem it brings to mind football games);
Edith Piaf singing "La vie en rose";
Kiss (the Rock group) they looked ridiculous;
Jay Leno's chin;
Hippies (You will find this also in the I like list);
How native american Indians lost THEIR lands;
How the australian Aborigines lost THEIR lands;
How the NZ Maoris lost THEIR lands;
Rubik cube;
Board games (Yawn);
Poll dancers (mercification of frickin sexy bodies);
Long finger nails on men;
The sound of the portuguese language;
The sound of the arab languages;
The sound of most african languages;
The aussie or NZ accent;
The southern USA states accents;
My accent speaking in English;
Fishing (so fucking boring);
Morning wood (because I don't experience it anymore);
Tiramisu' even if I'm Italian;
Tough guys (ha ha ha cmon please !);
Pot bellied aussies in the outback with those ridiculous hats with cork screws hanging from them;
The sport Cricket (Yawn, yawn, yawn);
Yapping women;
Japanese always bending politely, it's just annoying;
Siliconed lips (Dear god WHY !);
English speakers talking in Italian ( You get the pronounciation so wrong);
Sports men worshipped as if Gods;
Aggressive women;
Submissive women;
Emotional women;
People that talk about bowel movements in SW (Get lost);
People that talk about gasseous emissions in SW (who fucking gives a damn);
The singer Andrea Bocelli;
Mukbang videos (ask what people dying of hunger think about it 😑);
Amanda Knox (πŸ–•);
Jim Jones religious leader (fucking bastard);
Marshal Applewhite and his Heavens gate religious movement (fucking bastard);
"Cock Robin" the american band;
The 80's tamagotchi craze. I never didπŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“;
The diaper people in SW;
The panties people in SW;
Carnival mardi gras parades (*ucking hate them);
*ucking hate swearing;
Palio of Siena (Hate horses exploited);
Pot bellied middle aged men wearing shorts and hawaian type shirts on holiday (Can one be MORE corny?);
Toxic people;
Presumptious people;
People that think they know it all;
People that say "cool" too often;
People that use this gest in real life = 🀘;


Being honest;
Being me;
Patience with the elderly,
Being a lecturer and mentor in University;
Being OK with my profound melancholy;
Respecting the elderly, my parents, those less fortunate than me;
Loving my country and its history and traditions.
Not fearing making mistakes (example my bad grammar and my poor English);
Not getting involved in obnoxious talks about politics;
Not giving a damn about being last or second best (It is called learning);
Respecting animals;
Being a stachanovite;
Not spending just for spendings sake;
Not taking holidays;
Being a pain in the ass;
Being stubborn as a mule;
Being unbeatable in prolongued debates;
Not blocking or muting people in SW;
Having the balls in saying I like singing "Puppy love" by the Osmonds;


Letting go to love;
Opening up easily to friendship;
Not taking offence. I do very easily;
Laughing all the time to hide my melancholy;
Relinquish my freedom;
Relinquish being single;
Writing correctly in English;
Believing in God without engaging him on the matter;
Depending too much on people;
Accepting the loss of the one’s I love;
Avoiding typos;
Listening to BS;
Listening to sanctimonious pious wannabe saints that advocate mass immigration;
Coping with the loss of my sister;
Accepting being contradicted;
Told what to do;
Being criticised;
Taking things always lightly;
Handling stressful situations;

I entered this place in august 2018 as a coping tool to manage my grief of the loss of my sister.
This was me.
This was a snapshot of what beats behind my ribcage.

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