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February 1, 2021.
I'm really hopeful that I can get comfortable driving in the month of February.
The person I rely on to get to work had to leave due to a family emergency,
And now I have to rely on my boyfriend to take me every day.
I'm really embarrassed by my inability to drive,
But I'm trying to take advantage of his being unemployed so I can practice driving more.
I didn't get too upset last time, and I didn't cry which is a win for me.
In my wildest dreams, I would get comfortable and wouldn't need to get rides from everyone anymore.
But I also know that my anxiety fluctuates and can be really bad some days.
All I really need to get down is driving to and from work.
I don't need to go anywhere else.
I wish it was easier for me.
I don't know why I have to be so damn dysfunctional.
I just want to be normal and do what everyone else can do.
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scooogy26-30, M
You could do it like Maggie in the Simpsons, mimicking her mother in the car when honking. Like, you watch your boyfriend how he behaves while driving and maybe you let him explain why he does that, and that way you can learn without any risks :)
As long as youre willing to work on it youll be fine
life1426-30, F
You can do it! I was also terrified of learning how to drive. I would be the same, end up crying and fighting with mom literally every time I practiced with her.She could not understand why I couldn鈥檛 just grasp it so easily. Start off in parking lots, then slowing ease yourself into streets.

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