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I Am Me

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"How can you be so kind and happy all the time?" everyone always asks me. Well here is why, so stop asking. For most children, when they cry then people or at least one person will stop for them. I growing up and to this day will never get anyone to stop for me. No matter how close of friends I have, no matter who loves me, and no matter who passes me. My tears are just rain to them. Annoying and wanting to stop. Sad I know but that is why I am so kind and I am so happy to people. No one was there for me when I wanted to take my life way back when. No one was there for me when one middle school boy tried to kill me by pushing over a railing. And of course now that I am older, even less people are even looking my way. It sucks yeah, but because I know how much it hurts and to feel hurt alone. I try my best to be there for people. I may not have people stopping for me when I cry, but at least I can be that person for someone else.
26-30, M
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Nov 17, 2016
Cooper802Forever · 18-21, M
Aww I'm sorry no one was there for you in those times of need, and I love how you want to be someone who is there for others. I know you can do it! 😊

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