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I am tired...

This has been the longest 8 months of my life. As far as stressed goes I’m typically an anxious person anyway but with all of this I’m unable to keep my patience day to day anymore. I feel like a pot boiling over about to burn anything I touch. I’m not the type who usually ignores disrespect outside of my family. I like to handle conflicts head on without bullshit or games so it can be resolved quickly. I have put up with her treating our home like a trash can. Stealing from my husband, lying about me to our family, not paying bills, groceries even the basic essentials we all use. She leaves my kitchen a sticky disgusting mess. Leaves food to spoil on the counter had never taken out the trash. She smokes on our couch & complains. She’s now become rude & constantly has an attitude where it isn’t warranted. I know when I address it what will follow. She’ll deny any of the problems exist. She’ll blame me. She’ll cry, apologize & swear to do better. Then she’ll call our mom & stress her out over how mean I was. Mom has enough on her plate right now. She’s traveling home, she has drama to deal with her son, she’s leaving for California to assess her father’s condition & see what care he needs. I don’t want to be part of adding to everything she’s trying to manage. I’m not responsible for my sister or her reactions but I have just been the shadow fixer or silent handler since I was a kid it’s been so long I don’t know to undo my role. How do I stop thinking of everyone else & what they need & just focus for once on myself & what I’m in desperate need of? I’m exhausted, I’m not myself, I want a break so badly but we can’t even afford to go to a hotel nearby for a bit. I’m sure this was dull to read I just really couldn’t hold it in tonight. Carry on with your scrolling. 🌻
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Hugs you tight..
I wish I had an answer for you.
It's not fair for you to have to deal so much irresponsibility and rudeness..

I hope this situation changes soon.
Ugh that sounds extremely frustrating I'm sorry you have to go trough all of that you are a stronger person than I I would have already snapped -___-
curiosi · 56-60, F
We all have our own limits, when we reach that things happen. Have faith in yourself, you wrote this out rather than blow up. you done good and you will figure it out.
it's a Blowzo ..
theUnDeforestedMind · 56-60, M
Kick her out.
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
I am sorry you are in such turmoil. How old is your sister? Why can she not live somewhere else? Has nothing to do with being dull. You are heavily stressed and you need a break. Can she live with another relative or couch surf with a friend temporarily? Try to think outside the box. See what we can come up with...Sometimes when you cannot live with a person, you give them a deadline and then they leave when that deadline comes. I know it sounds cruel, but you need your space and your home back.
Janetwn · F
I don't know how to help, but I think you should take a drive for a bit, be outside of your home sometimes. I think it would help you to think in some solution. 🤗🤗

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