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I Want to Make New Friends

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During the past month I have noticed a girl walking past my house that I hadn't seen before and she doesn't go to my school. I first noticed her cause she takes great big steps which makes her bob up & down as she's walking and as she past I could see her really long hair swaying from side to side, she looked cute and it made me smile. She looks about my age or a little younger.

This morning I saw her coming down the street from my bedroom window. So I ran down stairs and out the front and walked out onto the foot path as she passed. I sort of almost crashed into her, not that I meant too, lol. As she stepped around me, I said, hey sorry about that, she smiled and said, that's okay. I asked her if she didn't mind if I walk with her, she said nup on a all.

As we walked she told me her family have just moved here, I asked if she's made any friends here yet and she said no. We got to the bus stop and chatted until the bus came. By the she left, we knew each others names, phone numbers and had organized to pick a day after Christmas day to go to the lake swimming. She seems really nice and friendly, it left me with a nice feeling afterwards. So hopefully I'll have a new friend to hang with, I think my friends will like her too. ☺️
16-17, F
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Dec 23, 2018
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Effloresce · 22-25, F
This is so wholesome ❤️
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@563720,Effloresce] It would be nice to become friends.
CigsWineNOrgasms · 51-55, M
Nice. Sure it's the start of a blossoming friendship. Enjoy the swim. Good way to get to know each other xx
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@845031,CigsWineNOrgasms] Thank you, hopefully something nice will come will come out of it
CigsWineNOrgasms · 51-55, M
[@840947,ChloeYoung] I hope so. Admire your action getting out there to meet her xxx
updown2020 · 56-60, M
Well have you texted her ?
updown2020 · 56-60, M
[@840947,ChloeYoung] Yea later or maybe tomorrow.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@117301,updown2020] LoL, tomorrow is Christmas Day here so I don’t think that we happen 😁
updown2020 · 56-60, M
NotJamieM · 41-45, M
Good for you for making it happen!
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@570785,NotJamieM] I’ll do my best, thank you.
muffinman · 61-69, M
thanks for sharing.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@562847,muffinman] It was my pleasure
VodkaBec · 26-30, F
If she becomes you friend young lady, she will be a lucky girl. Good luck, not that I think you will need it
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@526143,VodkaBec] That’s is really sweet thing of you to say, you made me smile again, thank you Becky 💕
VodkaBec · 26-30, F
[@840947,ChloeYoung] My pleasure 😁
Drummertime · 18-21, M
Hey Chloe James here txt me so we can talk I like to make new friends to
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I Want to Make New Friends
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During the past month I have noticed a girl walkin... | I Want to Make New Friends | Similar Worlds