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I miss feeling normal

I am still grieving the loss of normalcy. I get angry at times and I feel almost like I am not angry enough. We have every right to be angry.

One of the things that make me most angry lately is how I feel like measures like taking our temperature are stupid. I don't know the prevalence but fever is not the only or the most indicative of COVID19.

I would say loss or lessening of taste and smell AND any other symptom makes me immediately think COVID19. Fever alone doesn't excite me as much.

Also I notice my fever is not your fever and some people never get fever.

If I am running a temp of 99 I am sick and you better send me home because that's 2.5 degrees higher than normal for me. Other people can walk around at 101 and not know it because their normal is 98.9.

I said I am grieving and this is where denial comes in. Sometimes I think that these people are experiencing normal colds and flu and this whole thing is a conspiracy to control us. I can absolutely understand how someone might believe it's all fake. The symptoms range so widely and so many people are asymptomatic it is all very scary. I would much rather believe it is a conspiracy.

But it isn't. This is really happening. Wear a fuc*ing mask.
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bearinthehalfwayhouse · 22-25, M
Yo as much as I can relate to the this post...... That final line got me, pimp. ┴┬┴┤•u•ʔ/
As for fever checks/temperature checks, a few things: 1. How accurate are these scanners? Some are "hospital grade", others are not. 2. I wonder often when scanned, how accurate the reading was. I've had it scanned across my forehead, on the top of my hand, and on my wrist, once on my neck!
3.Sorry, but I just don't trust these devices. And recently I found out that they're not totally accurate as a glass/or probe/digital thermometer. At a massage, I had two readings obtained. One via forehead scan, and then when on the table, a core reading obtained! I was asked first if I was agreeable. I said yes and spent 3 minutes w/ a mercury rectal thermometer in my bottom. But it was a reading higher (not feverish) than the scan. And yes this whole thing is scary, and strange.
Hi, back again. Was off site due to a glitch because of n I phone
, but back. I agree, fever is not necessarily an indicator of Covid-19. Recently I got two injections, and was told I might have a reaction. I did. Felt lousy, had a temp of 100.3(R) and after being told to take some Ibuprofin a follow up a few hours later showed my temp lowered. Only thing was, the instrument used, as I was told by the person taking my temperature, was it was and may still be considered the "gold standard" of temperature taking. A glass mercury rectal thermometer similar to the image. Anyway, have a happy, and yes, a "Healthy New Year!"

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