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What would you do?
This post was written by/about my sister:

I've had an undiagnosed condition for two years that is debilitating. Constant leg pain, twitching, leg stiffness, leg tightness, heavy etc. It feels like sitting or standing makes it worse; it's so bad ...
My legs buckle and feels like 10,000 lbs on your legs. Also feels like you ran 100 miles. How would it affect you overall? Would it cause other conditions (mentally) and change you/reality? Would you just 'accept ' it? Just b/c they don't find anything yet, can they still help you? (ONe doctor told me, "I'm not going to invent something just to treat you.." :/ )Have had nearly every medical test done, all negative. Might try for genetic testing, and applied for an Undiagnosed study. Any tips or ideas what to do?
There are many people with similar issues. From what I read many were sent to psychiatrists and treated for anxiety disorders as it's often believed that issues are psychosomatic. If it were me, I would consider that option but I wouldn't accept treatment with psychiatric medication unless I myself would be convinced there's no other option. Personally, I'd think it's a neurological issue.

My grandmother had the same symptoms after my grandfather died but she's 80 so it's logical she has all kinds of pains. But it's been 2 years and we noticed how her condition improved significantly whenever she experienced something new and interesting that distracted her from her daily stereotype. And on the contrary, whenever she faced something stressful her physical pain and weakness increased.

Even if you are diagnosed with a neurological problem there is not much to be done. So she probably has to accept it and get used to it anyway.
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[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] Ty..sorry if your grandma but so glad it improves with positive stimulus. She does have elevated lactic acid but they said it's so little, the elevation, that it isn't a cause of all her stuff pain. But I believe there must be SOME correlation. Hopefully a study nearby will accept her case. She says everyday I can't do this anymore. She has said I want to jump off a bridge, it's that bad. So to live like this, I don't know how much more she can. I just keep my hope that SOMETHING will be found. Ty again for your reply 馃

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