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I Hate My Dad

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I'm probably gonna be grounded from internet for a while so I won't be on here.

But here's the scoop: I have therapy after Career Development every other week. I was supposed to leave early at 1:15, but forgot to mention I had to leave by then so wound up staying until 1:30. My brother has some college thing to do by 2:20, and my dad just gets mad and furious at me over "Never listening to what he says". He makes it sound like i intentionally tell myself "I don't need to worry about what he said, I don't care". But that's not what happened at all. So I'm grounded because I kept my brother waiting for, 20 minutes (He wants to be all specific and say 26 cause my brother loves to rat on me and ratted about every fucking thing bout this whole thing) So I'll be grounded for a while..

Thing is, I just got caught up with what I was talking about in Therapy. I have ALOT of problems and had so much to get off my chest. I do my brother MANY favors. Just the fact he couldn't have my back on this one is like a fucking stab to the back. In fact, he just gave me an attitude as well (For good reasons I guess, since he does have a representation maybe?) and called me a lazy fucking kid. Lmao, I told him "Just, stop, before you make yourself look stupid". Because I do WAY MORE in one day then what he does in a week. He has like 2 college classes that are maybe an hour each, and gets home around 11:30 all the time. And barely gets any homework, too. Whatever homework he does get is easy, it's like a project: read something, cite important parts, give an essay on blank. Me, I have to worry about doing homework everyday except Fridays, Saturdays, and sometimes Tuesdays. And I take what, 6 or 7 classes in High School? I have alot to get off my chest man, I work super fucking hard, cut me some slack.

You know what I find particularly funny? There was, maybe 3 times my brother forgot to pick me up from School and I had to walk home. And my dad never got mad at him, or grounded him for it. He understood it as "A mistake", meanwhile for this situation, he recognizes it as something more than that, like "I never listen to him" or whatever. Funny part is, HE NEVER LISTENS TO ME EITHER. This is EXACTLY why I feel like I live in a family full of fucking hypocrites. There's much much more as to why I consider my dad and brother absolute hypocrites. I cannot wait until the day I find a good paying job and get old enough to move into an apartment with somebody on our own, I fucking HATE living with a bunch of hypocrites who do nothing but point out all the negatives about me. Whenever I do something good, it gets unacknowledged. Unnoticeable. Complete Bullshit. I hate this house. Everybody in here is negative. Never a positive fucking influence in this place.

Anyways, I'll be grounded in the meanwhile.
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I Hate My Dad
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