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I Am Sad

im sad but im fighting

my family they treat me like trash like garbage. i want to find a job but they dont let me. they get mad. and yet they dont feed me well so i just stay in a dark room. sometimes i just like sneak food to eat or just have coffee to feel full. but they dont include me in groceries so i just eat like once a day mostly left overs. im not ashamed to say cuz im alive and fighting and will be in a better place soon
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blackcar · 26-30, M
Have you ever had a job before ?
sadcarrot · 22-25, F
[@567763,blackcar] no bc they when i run away they call the police and tell the police im a missing person so i need to go home so i havent had a job yet im good i have a college degree and can be an english tutor for kids
jackieash · 22-25
[@1186371,sadcarrot] If you are in your twenties you are an adult. Your parents have no legal control over you. Your parents are the ones who need help. If you have a good trusty friend, see if you can stay with them for a while you find your own place. You're clearly able to make your own way. I'm surprised the police have been involved, but as they are, it's your parents that need to be sorted out as far as your needs are concerned.
sadcarrot · 22-25, F
[@942238,jackieash] i will im secretly earning by buy and sell gold jewelry and sometimes i earn other things like lending money..i keep it a secret until i have earnings so i can escape and cut off contact with them
Platinum · M
Your parents are a disgrace, I would report them, you need to eat properly and get out of the house....
sadcarrot · 22-25, F
[@827015,Platinum] yeah cuz they just live with my sis and i just live with my sis but they have food but dont feed me. i got mild autism so theyre scared if i cant find work but really i just want to eat and be full thats all. but im gonna run away soon after 3 months after i earn my money

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