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I Am Sad

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I am a Senior College Student with Aspergers who devotes all his free time to studying. I usually perform at a lower level than others anyway because I was born stupid in addition to being undesirable socially. However, I thought that this Semester would be different. Three of my classes are 100 level, meaning that they contain mostly freshmen who are 4 years younger than me. I felt smarter than everyone there and like I was at the top of the class. Then, midterms roll around. I studied vivaciously for the Psych midterm and when I took it, the test seemed very easy. I felt like I had gotten an A, or at least a B+. Turns out my grade was 75 which is a C, with no explanation. IQ is all that matters and I am seriously considering ending it all.
22-25, M
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Oct 22, 2018
wakanda4eva18-21, F
it's definitely a lot better than me, most of my subjects got D, C just passing grade, I think just focus on getting that degree at the moment, a degree is what matters most as of right now馃憣 in terms of it being easier to get a better higher paying job
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greenmountaingal70-79, F
Believe me, no one ever asks you about your grades in college unless you are planning to apply to a grad program at a major university. It really won't matter.

You could ask your professor about why you were graded so low. It might help; sometimes they'll even change the grade.

But basically, just do not fret about it; I have multiple college degrees and I have flunked many classes, have gotten some bad grades I deserved and some low grades I did not deserve. College is like that sometimes. Give yourself credit-- you did the best you could.

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I Am Sad
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