I Have Had So Many People In My Life Die
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I Lost A Friend....

I will never forget you Terri. You were one of my best friends back when we were in Jr. high school. We were only 15 years old when we met in California. Then I moved to Oregon and we lost touch, but then I found you here in Oregon! Who would have thought we'd both move to the same state. Even though we didn't get to see each other again we'd call once in a while. I'm glad I surprised you and called on your birthday....I won't get that chance again!💙

I remember sitting with you while you played the piano, I was in awe of your talent. Then we got our first summer jobs together at Jack In The Box. Remember how we laughed at that guy who pulled up at the drive through window and asked for a "Neopolitan Milk Shake"....he wanted all 3 flavors and we gave it to him!😂 As he drove away he yelled "thanks Jackie baby!" We laughed about that forever! I have so many treasured memories of our friendship together.

Then I got the email last night that you passed away peacefully in your sleep weeks ago?! I knew you had been sick, but I kept praying you'd pull through. God saw you were tired so he took you home, he always takes the best. I sat at my computer crying as I tried to type words of comfort to your daughter and husband. He sent me the most beautiful pictures of how he and family sent you off to heaven. He said I could share them and he knows that you'd be flattered and proud that I loved you that much. We all love you. Thank you for being my friend, I will miss our phone calls. But I know I will see you again on the other side....🥀

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Gangstress · 36-40, F
💚❤ I'm so sorry for your loss 😔
Peaches · F
[@467717,Gangstress] I appreciate that, 💙 thank you.
monte3 · 70-79, M
I am so. Sorry to hear this, she sounds wonderful..those old friends are the best.
Peaches · F
[@744413,monte3] YES!💜😔
monte3 · 70-79, M
[@364304,Peaches] I was able to meet with a couple of my friends from way back in high school and earlier just yesterday. Their sharing their lives is so great.
WintaTheAngle · 41-45, M
I’m sorry for you. That must have been a shock. Hold on to those memories, remember your friend at their happiest.
Peaches · F
[@1064814,WintaTheAngle] It WAS, and I had just been wondering about her when I found out! She had been on my mind. 😟 Yes, I will forever hold on to the memories of our friendship always.😌💞
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
I’m so sorry Peaches. Prayers for you and Terri’s family.
Peaches · F
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] I so appreciate that, 💓 [i]thank you!🙏😔[/i]
Barefooter25 · 41-45, M
I'm so sorry for your loss Peaches. Prayers to your friend and his family. 😔 🙏
Peaches · F
[@5744,Barefooter25] She was one of my best friends when we were teenagers, 😌💞 thanks so much.
Piper · 61-69, F
What a lovely tribute to your friend Terri, Peaches. It's so hard to lose someone we've made good memories with, and I'm sorry for your loss.
Peaches · F
[@910977,Piper] I've been thinking about her all day, 😔 plus it's my sisters birthday who I also lost years ago. Thank you. Most of the ones I loved so much are now on the other side.
What a beautiful and touching way to honor your friend, your friendship and his life. He seems to have been a wonderful guy, all the sadder to read that his time down here among his family and friends ended far too soon.

My deepest compassion for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family.
Peaches · F
[@7972,RobinPhoenix] Thanks Robin.🤗She was a girl, I guess her name throws a few people off in thinking she was a "he."🤭 She was the sweetest person I met when I moved in that town.💓
eyeno · M
Beautiful tribute to your friend, Ms. Peaches. (Hugs)
Peaches · F
[@1150425,eyeno] Thanks so much, 🤗[i][b][c=7700B2]HUGS♥️[/c][/b][/i]
MellyMel22 · 36-40, F
[i][c=BF0080]I’m so sorry for your loss 😔❤️[/c][/i]
Peaches · F
[@1980,MellyMel22] I appreciate that, 😔💙 thanks so much.
Lacemaker · 41-45, F
In a beautiful place now. That's so sad but you have so many treasured memories 🌿
Peaches · F
[@398195,Lacemaker] I truly do, 🤗🍀 thanks for your thoughtful comment. 💓

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I Have Had So Many People In My Life Die
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