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Do you make assumptions here about why people do what they do with no proof? After assuming, you accuse them and try to destroy their reputation?

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xuxuguinhu9 · 31-35, T
[@526179,TurtlePink] yep i noticed that too i blame it on their cultur
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xuxuguinhu9 · 31-35, T
[@1073121,Leggs] yes it seems you were right she was pretending to be nice because i was a newcomer 😔
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
No. But I could see it happening here.
[@622788,SumKindaMunster] I do see it happening.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] Take it with a grain of salt, unless you are the one being targeted.
I dont think so, but ive sorta been accused of dumb shit.
[@887863,enkidu] me? Why would I? I don’t even know you.
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] err. that was my point - you have nothing to be sorry for/about.
[@887863,enkidu] haha 😆
I do not have enough time, energy or interest to do that

I do have the reputation of being one of the fastest blockers in the SW

Easier to block and move on then make an issue out of a disagreement
[@6757,questionWeaver] Or post about it and tell 40 people, when it’s really not any of their business if they are not hurting them. Adults seem like kindergarten these days.
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] they truly do
curiosi · 56-60, F
I don't like drama.
[@423488,curiosi] Some peeps here can’t get enough of it.
curiosi · 56-60, F
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] I noticed that. One I saw last night always with the drama had to dig up some. Posted a video of someone they don't even know and get upset about it.
[@423488,curiosi] sad lives.. miserable people want to make others miserable.
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45
I've had that done to me a couple years back, and she didn't stop at anything until about 6 months ago when the Queen finally gave up her throne. I found out who my true friends were.
[@1137766,MoonlightLullaby] Some people just nosy.. and go with the current...
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] These were lies; cruel and calculated. Wiped out half of my circle at that. I went about being my authentic self & well, I'm here and she isn't.😏😉
[@1137766,MoonlightLullaby] wow..
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
No but I been accused on here some people here like to gossip and make up lies and shit lol
DawsonsGrove · 51-55, F
[@105699,JohnnyO] that's awful.
[@105699,JohnnyO] If they don’t understand a situation they take it on themselves to invent what they ‘think’ they know.
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] True
That kind of behaviour is repulsive to me. Even with proof, I'm not likely to stir any trouble.
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] Oh I know. From experience. When a popular person finds a reason to hate you, nothing can stop that domino effect of their jealousy and how many people they can poison towards you.
[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts] I know that well. I think you know it too.
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] Cryptic...chances are I've not picked on what you think I know. 🤷‍♀️
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Miram · 26-30, F
What an interesting thread!

I suggest asking for proofs seeing that there are already trash talkers in your thread. 🧐
[@542305,Miram] I need no good luck..as I was playing with this troll.
Miram · 26-30, F
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] alright, enjoy your week
[@542305,Miram] you too M..

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