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Wearing Wigs with Confidence

I read a couple Articles about certain People don't like Women wearing their Wigs. Wearing Wigs is really no different than wearing Makeup, it's an enhancement, as I see it. I never thought it looked ridiculous at all. When I started to wear Wigs, I was very interested in how I would look with certain styles especially since I'm influenced by the 70's and the 80's. There are those who don't like the look of Wigs and who'll chastise Women who wear them. I love and always loved the Farrah Fawcett Hairdo, Pam Grier, etc. I never really thought about trying to look like someone else, I really like the way the Hairdos look on me, Other Women too, and how the Hair compliments the Face. If you're offended by this, please don't comment since this is not for you.

As for those of us Women who love to experiment with our Hair and Makeup, I think it's a great idea to enhance your look, improve on the look you have if you want, or if you want a new look altogether. Wearing Wigs is fun and I find them to be better than Weaves, just my own option. Ultimately, it's really pretty especially when the Woman herself makes the look work for her and how great she feels about herself. If she's loving it and feeling terrific in how she looks, that's what really matters...

Broache73 · 46-50, F Pinned Comment
I think Wigs being Synthetic, Human Hair, or a blend of both can absolutely do wonders for a Woman's Self-Esteem, Self Assurance, and changing how she wants Looks too when it comes to her Hair.

Some Women don't want to mess with their own hair some days, Other Women are allowing their own Hair to grow back, and some Women want to do something different with their Hair completely. It's a Woman's prerogative. A Woman never needs to predicate how her "Crown" should be based on someone else's opinions or negative connotations about how Women should look. I myself have seen what a really good Wig can do for a Woman (especially with Black Women) and how she sees herself after looking in the Mirror. It was never about meeting some Eurocentric Beauty Care Standard that Society expected, It's really just a matter of finding the Hair Style that works for you yourself and making that work...I love seeing Women doing things for themselves, for their own Self Esteem, for their own sense of Self-Determination. If Others are offended by that, that's their issue!

chockaholic2020 · 56-60, M
You are absolutely right!!! 😃 Wearing a wig is no different to wearing a hat or a jacket or a scarf - it's just another fashion item and if you want to make it rock for you then go for it, and do so with pride!!! 😃❤️
Wigs are a bit of fun 🤩 I have two ( red and blonde ) but I gotta say I prefer my own brunette hair.

Great positive post re wigs, they can help people in so many different ways feel better about themselves ( from fashion to illness) ... why not indeed 🌷
Broache73 · 46-50, F
Exactly right!

According to some, God forbid a Woman decides for herself how she wants to look, God forbid a Woman decides how she wants to change her look and maybe her life, and God forbid a Woman should dare decide that she herself start feeling great about how she does and wants to look at herself when she wants to wear a Wig or not. For some odd reason Women aren't really supposed to feel great about their choices on how they want to look, but they're supposed to live up to some Archaic Beauty Standard.

Of course, someone is bound to be offended by this because Women are to do whatever they're told and not what they really want for themselves. Wigs , Hair Extensions, Makeup, Designer Clothes can make a very drastic difference in how a Woman can see herself in the Mirror...
SweetMae · 61-69, F
Carter3210 · 18-21, M
Wigs look so pretty, especially the ones that are dyed like sunsets, rainbows and just all those fun colors
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
Those are beautiful and you should wear whatever you want
PoizonApple · 41-45, F
Id love to get a good wig and learn to wear it
Broache73 · 46-50, F
[@336933,PoizonApple] It's really very easy, it's starts with what Hairdo you want, then how long you want to wear your hair, and the look you want.
Kristyluvs · 36-40, F
Those wigs are pretty. How expensive are they? How hard to care for?
U53RN4M3 · 31-35, M
I can't imagine giving a damn what other people wear.

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