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I Battle Depression

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Been struggling with this thing called life lately.
And I’m tired of ppl who think they know you when they don’t at all.
It’s just... I feel so stuck. And alone. And ashamed. Everyday. I hate it so much.
I don’t understand how this life can be enjoyable. I find myself always searching for ways to numb the pain. And that’s it.
I’m just not happy
18-21, M
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May 15, 2019
Fernie · F
That's because you are 18-21. I read your words before I saw your age but KNEW you were 18-21. You all seem depressed and sick of the extremely short life you've led. No coping skills, everything is horrible, what's the point of life. Life will be hard and easy till you die. You need to accept the hard parts and grow some armor. This stage will pass. It WILL get easier
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
It's not an uncommon feeling. For me, when my expectations of other people, reality, and my desires all collide the sadness forces its way in, easily turning itself into depression.
Busybee333 · 26-30, F
It's okay. You are right nobody knows you and what your heart desires better than you. That's exactly why the key is in you. Accept yourself , love yourself. It can be learned. Keep moving forward and attempt to do what brings warmth to your heart to carry on. Some nights will still be cold but it will pass. The sun will be back simeday.

Bottling up the feelings is worse. It is good to let it out somehow. Writing is good! Find other ways too. For example, I walk or write to order my thoughts. Sometimes I just stare at teees and it calms me. To each their method. Coping is feasible and it makes you stronger. Emotions are like a river. Let them flow and they will eventually make space for the good ones. Wishing you to find your string to contentment :)
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I Battle Depression
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