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I Want to Tell You About My Day

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I was chillin in class today (college), We got assigned partners randomly for a little class project and the first thing my partner says to me is "where are you from?" And I said the name of the town I grew up in. And he goes "no. I mean where are you originally from?" And I said the name of the state. And he goes "No. I'm asking what are you? Ethnically? And I was like "oh... my dad is from Portugal and my mom's parents are from Italy.. so half and half" and he goes "yeah I can definitely see it" and I don't really know what to take from that. Who opens with that, before asking someone for their name hahaha... do I look that different or out of place from the norm that he had to ask..? I definitely overthought it for a minute. Oh well
18-21, F
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Sep 28, 2017
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
well he had no manners lol

people are weird i shrug it off.

the majority of people can see my mexican heritage immediate but once in a while i get asked if im half asian lol or Korean.

yesterday at Costco an elderly Korean gentleman sat at the table i was at while i ate an ice cream and he said hello in Korean. I responded in Korean too lol (i used to work for an elderly Korean man ages ago) and when he tried to converse with me i had to tell him that Hello was the only word i actually knew lol
he said with a bit of shock "oh why your mom not teach you?" and i said "because she doesn't speak Korean either, but being Mexican she did teach me spanish" the elderly man had a nice chuckle and said "makes sense!" bahaha
xRedx · M
Seems like a somewhat unusual way to start a conversation.
Exhibiter100000 · 56-60, M
You look beautiful.
bLoOdtHirStY · 18-21, M
Heheheh.. it was good..I like it !
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I Want to Tell You About My Day
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