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I Like To Watch Youtube Videos

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[c=#666666]I'm worried for PewDiePie. More than 40 people in New Zealand died by the hand of a person who's last words were: [i]"Subscribe to PewDiePie."[/i] This meme was carried on to some extremes, and some people just liked it for how far a meme like this could get, while other people cared about the symbolism; that platforms like YouTube is for generic people, and not large corporations. I've never been a fan of this PewDiePie, his content makes me laugh at times, but mostly he seems to me like any other person from Sweden; I'm from Denmark, and Danes and Swedes meet all the time. I thoroughly believe that he's just a common idiot, for what media earlier blew up to be "racism". In Denmark we describe these people as that they're walking around carrying their head in their arms. I bet everyone knows the type, and they have no evil intentions.

I am deeply sorry to hear about this tragedy, and my sympathy goes out to anyone who's lost someone.

I'm also worried about PewDiePie as a person now, because the thing is that platforms like YouTube does allow for generic people to become very well-known, as he is, but it's a gray-zone; he's not an actor or a musician, he's just a person like you and I, with a little office where he makes funny videos. I fear for him and his girlfriend's safety, because there are enough crazy and stupid people who will want to believe that it was somehow his doing. Yeah, sounds unlikely, but it's not, this world is filled with idiots, and he's just a generic person.

If something happens to PewDiePie/Felix or his girlfriend, as a follow of this tragedy, we have failed as a society.[/c]
26-30, F
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Mar 16, 2019
Edited: 6 days ago
MethDozer · 36-40, M
I cannot stand the man and find his content mind numbing. Yet, the media made him into an alt-right hero. He never was one, identified as one, or supported anything to do with them. They put him on a a burning stake and pressed BS labels on him and because people bought it and got posses off that made him into an alt-right hero for no other reason than the media made him into a trigger.
Fable · 26-30, F
[c=#666666][@521796,MethDozer] Yes, media did that. I couldn't care less whether or not I'd be his friend, I wouldn't. I feel a whole lot of sympathy now, for a man that I never gave a shit about, and his girl too. People rarely do something as disgusting, for reasons as disgusting, as this man who murdered over 40 people, basically in his name, did. When people started to hack random office-printers with the message; [i]"Subscribe to PewDiePie"[/i] my intelligent husband thought it was fun, but I worried at that point that something like this would happen, because I know and understand that the majority of people are run by fear rather than logic, and they are going to see some racist cult where there's just a man with a girl trying to make funny videos, and a good living.

There has never before been a platform like YouTube where one person can get more or less famous, just by making personal videos, and that's the thing; it's a gray-zone, and he is the first person to show the influence that a random profile on a random internet-site, can have. I love the fact that platforms such as YouTube exists, and I hope it won't end with the assassination of the first person to rise on such a platform. Like fuck, he's just a person like you and me.[/c]
Jackaloftheazuresand · 22-25, M
those weren't his last words
Jackaloftheazuresand · 22-25, M
[@871372,Fable] the full 17 minutes is still on BestGore as of ten minutes ago
Fable · 26-30, F
[c=#666666][@383281,Jackaloftheazuresand] Thanks a lot, I'll look it up.[/c]
Fable · 26-30, F
[c=#666666][@383281,Jackaloftheazuresand] It's pretty much the first thing he says.[/c]
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