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I Went Through A Break Up That Changed My Life

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i was with the same person for a very long time and lost a lot of other friends i had made, looking back I see that it is important to keep contact with people. It is hard to start over.
31-35, F
7 replies
Feb 28, 2018
It’s been six months since my fiancé sat me down and decided he was going to move out. I didn’t know how unhappy he was. I gave him the ring back. We tried again but it didn’t work. I did therapy, tried dating ect. I am still so lonely. Still missing...
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26-30, F
24 replies
Dec 26, 2017
i dated someone who had border line personality disorder and it changed my life we were off and on i was 22 and he was 19 . i am 23 years old now and I felt after we broke up for good i was never the same i am more careful about who i date now I nev...
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22-25, F
4 replies
Oct 23, 2017
From stranger to someone special and from someone special to stranger The journey was very difficult But Finally I made it :)
18-21, F
7 replies
Aug 1, 2017
We're people. we do need some affection from a mother , a lover, a friend a sister or even a beautiful stranger .. Cuz that s who we are; Yes it's great to realize that you still can be super joyful on your own but still i believe if we be...
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22-25, M
1 reply
Sep 20, 2016
I broke up with my ex one year ago. Now, from that distance, I really understand why we couldn't go on any longer. Clinging to that relationship was basically an ex<x>pression of deepest self-hatred, because I neglected my needs only to be...
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31-35, F
4 replies
Apr 12, 2015
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I Went Through A Break Up That Changed My Life
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