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I Need To Rant

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My last rant of the day;

I feel good. Honestly, its been months and months that i took a medication; and its kinda unjust because I was wrongly prescribed a medication; saying that I did a psychosis and saying 'if i dont take my medication, things would go downfall'. Like I dont even need medication, its just mind control; and anyways, it didnt felt nice for all those months, but lately i convinced my mom that i stop my medication; i said ' it was bad' and 'i need to be in health' and ' let my brain works normally without altercations'. So i convinced her and she accepted thankfully; so yes, it makes several days i havent touched my medication anymore, and i feel good. Like i feel im more 'down to earth' and i finally feel free of what the medication do. i just feel free and good to be in health and dont touch that anymore.

but the thing is; im followed by a psychiatrist. When she will learn i dont take my med anymore; she'll probably 'bust out' , saying like ' no , you cant do that! you need your med'. because i was badly diagnosed. They have no proof whatsoever and they say i had a psychosis after i was brought in to the hospital by policemen just because i was a bit angry one day. Its a long story.

But just to say i feel at peace without my med. I feel down to earth , and without any worries anymore. it just feel good .
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Aug 14, 2019

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I Need To Rant
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My last rant of the day; I feel good. Honestly, ... | I Need To Rant | Similar Worlds