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Took this photo .... it reminded me of myself

Getting old during a pandemic...

Time passes and we mostly stay where we are...

Like a tree in its Autumn, I try to hang on to the beauty of life with my empty hands...

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JohnFrank Best Comment
Such a beautiful photo...such a beautiful post....Very reminiscent of Soossie Jaan...

One exception..Soossie Jaan is not getting old....Soossie Jaan is just getting better and more beautiful.

The post itself is a testimony of her own beauty inside and out.

Keep a smile..keep that sparkle in your eye Soossie Jaan...There is not a pandemic alive, nor one that could ever exist which could ever have a chance against you...🤗❤️

You leave me no choice but to give my best comment to you..

You are soooo sweet ..

Thank you... love you❤🤗🤗
[@1067,Soossie] Thank you joonam...not only for the BA, but simply for you being you...🤗🤗

Thank you darling... ❤

SW User

Thank you... 🙏🙏
MostlyBehaved · 41-45, M
Stay gold, Soossie.

Thank you very much.. 🙏
Mugin16 · 41-45, M
Yes, but a tree will grow leaves and fruit again in spring.

True dear Mugin... True..
AllAboutLaffs · 70-79, M

🤗🤗 🙏
CCMorgan · 46-50, M
Brilliant! Poignant too... I think many of us are hibernating and waiting for a 'Spring' renewal. Lovely photo and phrases ☮️

Thank you dear Morgan..

Spring will come soon and we all will celebrate the beauty of life again... 🤗🤗
Snorky · 26-30, F
I like it.

Thank you... Im glad you do..
Majorsite · 61-69, M
What? Clingy !

Grateful4you · 61-69, M
As we peer from high on like frightened doves, hoping for a respite that never comes.

Aww!! This is sad, yet so beautiful...🤗🤗

Thank you dear David...
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@1067,Soossie] Actuallyt, I do think a respite is coming soon for both our countries.✌️🏽

Amen!! 🤗🤗
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
Beautiful photo btw darling. Hoe you're okay.🥰

Thank you... Im trying my best.. 🤗😘
JustNik · 46-50, F
A beauty, just like you. ❤️ If your hands were empty, I don’t think you could give the warmth and care that you do. I’m sorry that in times like these they may feel that way, but you’re still giving, dear Soossie. Still making the world a brighter, lovelier place to be. 🤗🤗🤗

My beautiful beautiful sister!! Thank you very much for saying this... you know this, coming from you means a lot to me..

❤🤗🤗 love you..
fun4us2b · 61-69, M
It's just a change of season - spring will be here soon and new leaves will emerge...and things will be better...

Awww!! Thank you... 🤗🤗
pearllederman · 56-60, F
thats a good picture

Thank you... 🤗🤗❤😘😘
bookerdana · M
definitely aging fast😷

[image deleted][i][/i]

bookerdana · M
[@1067,Soossie] gotta tie stuff down,here i tell you!!

You took one from little moi!???UgH


Lol.... exactly...
bookerdana · M
[@1067,Soossie] how could we ever forget😛

GunFinger · 41-45, F
Lovely colours.. what a great photo..❤

Thank you Lady Gunfinger..🤗🤗
lovelywarpedlemon · 26-30, F

Its beautiful like you ☺️

Thank you sweet Stella... 🤗🤗
[@1067,Soossie] welcome most noble lady ☺️❤️🤗
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
Those branches reach around the world and merge with the veins that lead to my heart.

Awww!! That's such a beautiful thing to say... thank you dear Joy..🤗🤗
Zonuss · 41-45, M

Thank you dear Zonuss 🤗🤗
Barefooter25 · 41-45, M
How lovely!!! 🤗🍁

Thank you.. 🙏🙏
mrsindyjoe · 46-50, F
Beautiful, just like yourself.🤗

Thank you sweet soul.. 🤗🤗❤

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