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I Hate War

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What scares me is not so much most people's inability to see how common the killing of others under the name of 'war'.
What scares me is that I myself feel almost complacent and desensitised to it.
War, or even the justification of human sacrifice (if you will), is becoming increasingly intermingled with the ordinary civilian world. It begs to question, how civilised or civil are we really?
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Jan 14, 2020
RosaDawn · 41-45, F

Nothing new. I dont know a time that was better.
Eidolon · M
[@622098,Prokamin] but surely there is something that can be done?
I like to believe there is, it's always in the smallest consistent things.
Like smiling, or simply asking someone if one can help... small seemingly irrelevant things.
With the common use of social media, air travel, and remote-controlled weaponry, the 'battlefield' is less clearly defined and the consequences of what these modern weapons do, are completely masked.
MonAmours · F
Seriously it feels like those poor innocent people died on that Iranian flight to save then rest of humanity

A watershed moment.

The most bizarre heartbreaking twist of fate
Eidolon · M
[@971552,MonAmours] had it been self sacrifice for a greater cause, then yes I would agree,
but this is no better than 'casualties of war'.
I don't feel we have to sacrifice other humans in order to enforce our version/perspective of 'humanity' onto others.
MonAmours · F
I agree

It’s a sad state of affairs either way ☮️ [@1062930,Eidolon]

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I Hate War
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