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I Write Spanking Stories

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The Spanking Life of Eileen

Chapter 43

A visit from Lady Helen

End of term was fast approaching, and Eileen was getting excited about the prospect of some time away. Her great friend Lady Helen Warren had ended her two years at finishing school in Switzerland, and was now home for good. One of her first priorities was to contact Eileen and arrange to come over and see her. On the appointed day, Eileen made her way down to the car park to await her friend’s arrival. It was morning break time, and Eileen stood chatting to several of the girls in her house. Suddenly, round the corner came a small sports car.

“Ah, my guest had arrived,” said Eileen.

The girls melted away and stood looking enviously as a tall dark-haired girl in a white dress pulled up and got out. A crowd of boys over in the boy’s side of the school started to gather to ogle at the young lady and her car.

Eileen went over to meet Lady Helen.

“How lovely to see you Helen,” said Eileen, embracing her friend.

“And you Eileen, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long,” replied Helen as they embraced warmly.

“Come on, I’ll take you up to the flat,” said Eileen.

She led Lady Helen into the main building, and immediately ran into Natasha, her head prefect.

“Hello Natasha, may I introduce you to L...... ,” Eileen was about to say Lady but cut it short, “Miss Warren.”

“How do you do,” said Natasha.

“Good morning Natasha,” replied Lady Helen.

Natasha turned to Eileen.

“I wonder if I might have a word at some point?”

“Is it urgent?” asked Eileen.

“Oh no, it can wait.”

“In that case pop up to the flat after school.”

“Yes Mrs Carter. Goodbye Miss Warren.”

She then went off down the corridor.

“What a delightful you lady,” remarked Lady Helen.

“Yes she is, she’s my house prefect.”

“It’s very atmospheric in here don’t you think?” said Lady Helen as they walked along the wood panelled corridor.

“Yes, I often wonder what it was like when it was used as a home,” mused Eileen.

“It does remind me of home,” said Lady Helen.

They arrived at the flat and Eileen ushered Lady Helen in. She immediately looked around

“This is very bijou isn’t it,” she remarked.

“That’s one way of putting it,” laughed Eileen. “I’d call it cramped. I’ll make us some coffee.”

They sat and chatted over coffee and then Eileen took Lady Helen on a tour of the school.

“It’s just how I imagined, just like the schools I’ve read about in story books,” enthused Lady Helen.

“The school might be the same, but what goes on inside it isn’t; compared to the stories life here is very boring,” confessed Eileen.

When they had finished the tour, Eileen suggested that they went into town.

“I know a very nice restaurant that you would feel comfortable in,” suggested Eileen.

“Is that where you usually go,” asked Lady Helen.

“Only on special occasions,” replied Eileen.

“So where do you usually go?”

“To the pub in the village I’m afraid.”

“How delightful, we shall go there, I’ve never been in a pub,” said Lady Helen.

“Are you sure?” asked Eileen.

“Of course I’m sure, come on, let’s go,” said Lady Helen, almost dragging Eileen out of the school.

After a pleasant lunch, the two women strolled back to the school, which was now bathed in sunshine.

“I haven’t shown you my study yet,” said Eileen as they entered the main building.

“No you haven’t,” replied Lady Helen.

“Come on then,” said Eileen leading the way.

They arrived at the study door.

“Hadn’t we better knock first?” asked Lady Helen.

“Don’t be silly,” retorted Eileen, giving Lady Helen a gentle slap on the arm.

“She might give me the cane if I don’t knock first,” said Lady Helen.

“Oh, I see, that was a gentle hint was it,” laughed Eileen.

“It might have been,” said Lady Helen with an impish grin.

“Oh come on then,“ said Eileen opening the door.

She led Lady Helen in.

I think that’s what you might be looking for,” said Eileen, pointing to her two canes standing in the corner.

“Oh yes,” replied Lady Helen going straight over, picking one up and giving it a swish. “So these are what you use on naughty girls?”

“That’s right,” replied Eileen.

“I’m a naughty girl Miss,” giggled Lady Helen.

“Now why doesn’t that surprise me,” replied Eileen.

“Let’s pretend I’ve been sent to you for being naughty and you’re going to tell me off and cane me,” said Lady Helen.

“I wondered when that was coming,” laughed Eileen. “Alright, go and stand in front of the desk.”

Lady Helen replaced the cane and took her place, and Eileen went and sat down facing her.

“So Warren, you’ve been sent to me for breaking curfew, is that correct?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Do you have an explanation?”

“I forgot to take my watch with me.”

“Where were you that made you so late?”

“I just went for a walk Miss.”

“A likely story, seeing a boy more like.”

“Oh no Miss, I wouldn’t do anything like that.”

“Hmmm, I wonder how many times I’ve heard that?”

“Hundreds probably.”

“Don’t be cheeky with me girl. You know the punishment for this offence don’t you?”

“The cane Miss?”

“Yes, the cane.”

Eileen got up, went to the corner, and took the thicker cane.

“I use this one on the senior girls, so I think I should use it on you Warren.”

“Oh no Miss, not that one pleeaasse,”

“Don’t be such a baby. Bend over the desk,”

Lady Helen stepped forward and bent over. Eileen pushed her right down and then pulled up her dress. “Non regulation knickers I see, you’ll get extra for that.”

“Sorry Miss, I didn’t have time to change them,” pleaded Lady Helen.

“No excuse, you’ll take six.”

“Oh no!” cried Lady Helen.

Eileen delivered the first stroke, enough to make Lady Helen gasp.

“I think this will help you to remember things in future,” said Eileen.


Lady Helen winced and gripped the desk.





“Feeling it now are we?” sneered Eileen.
“Yes Miss,” replied Lady Helen.




“Ooooo, ooooww.”

“Stand up girl.”

Lady Helen stood, let her dress fall into place and then rubbed her bottom.

“That hurt, but it was heavenly. Is that how you deal with your girls?”

“More or less, depends on circumstances,” replied Eileen, as she replaced the cane.

“I would love to be in your house,” said Lady Helen.

“I’m sure you would,” smiled Eileen.

“I shall have to come again,” said Lady Helen.

Then Eileen suggested that they go for a walk in the grounds.

“I would like that very much,” replied Lady Helen giving her bottom another rub.

Once outside, Eileen led Lady Helen round the grounds, showing her the outdoor sports facilities.

At the end of the tour, both women stood outside the front entrance looking out over the grounds, white cardigans around their shoulders. The summer sunshine glinting on their hair, Lady Helen’s longer hair fluttering in the slight breeze that wafted gently across the forecourt; the breeze also fluttering both women’s flared dresses and showing the merest hint of net petticoat.

“Oh Eileen, this is so idyllic,” sighed Lady Helen, looking round at the buildings and the spacious grounds. “I envy you so much.”

“I must confess I’m so happy here, I love the way of life, the surroundings and I’m devoted to my girls,” said Eileen.

“If only I could have been a girl here and you were my housemistress. Of course I would have misbehaved terribly so that I could have been punished by you,” giggled Lady Helen.

“Now, now, don’t start getting carried away,” laughed Eileen. “But I must confess it’s a delightful thought.”

“I must ask you Eileen; how do you feel when you pick up the cane before you whack someone?” asked Lady Helen, inquisitive as ever.

Eileen shrugged her shoulders.

“The same as I do when I cane your naughty bottom; excited. But you must remember I only discipline a girl when it’s absolutely necessary; I would never do it to get pleasure.”

“Oh yes, I couldn’t imagine you doing anything else.”

“So what happens now with your nursing, now that you’re qualified?” asked Eileen.

“After the season I’m going to the local hospital as a volunteer to get some experience.”

“What then?” asked Eileen.

“I shall look for a school matron’s post.”

“I hope that you’re successful,” replied Eileen, who already had ideas about Lady Helen’s future.

The pair then went back to Eileen’s flat for a cup of tea, and then Lady Helen left for home.
A few minutes after Eileen got back to the flat there was a knock at the door, it was Natasha, calling back as Eileen had said.

“Hello Natasha, what can I do for you?”

“I wonder if I could talk to you about what I’m going to do after I’ve left?”

“Of course you can, sit down.”

“It was nice to meet your friend this morning, very posh isn’t she,” said Natasha.

“Yes she is, but very nice.”

“Yes, I can imagine.” replied Natasha.

Later, after Natasha had left, John came in.

“How was the visit with Lady Helen?”

“Fine, she really enjoyed herself. She wishes to be remembered to you. I had to cane her of course,” laughed Eileen.

“Surprise, surprise,” replied John.

“It always gets me excited when I cane her,” said Eileen.

“Sounds like you need a caning yourself,” said John.

“I think I do, would you give me one?”

“It’ll be a pleasure,” replied John Rubbing his hands in anticipation.

“I’ll just go and fetch it,” said Eileen.

She disappeared into the bedroom and returned with the cane.

“Here you are sir,” she chuckled.

“I suggest you bend over,” said John.

Eileen needed no second telling.

“How many do you want?” asked John.

“I’ll have four please darling,”

“Four it is then.”

John pulled up Eileen’s dress and petticoat.


“Oowch,” gasped Eileen.







John lowered the cane and Eileen stood up, vigorously rubbing her bottom before her dress and petticoat fell back into place.

“Hope you enjoyed that?” said John, as he returned the cane to the bedroom.

“As always,“ replied Eileen.

When he returned from the bedroom, Eileen put her arms round him and gave him a big hug. She liked nothing more than to hold her husband tight with a burning sensation in her bottom.
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