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The Haunted House

In the early 1960s, two teenage girls, Jess & Millie, were out walking, thoroughly bored, and with nothing to do. As they walked, they reached a big old house which had been empty for years; rumour had it that it was haunted, although nobody could actually confirm it. All the windows were boarded up as most of the glass had been smashed by vandals. Both girls stopped and looked at it for some minutes.

“There’s somebody inside,” said Jess.

“Don’t be stupid, it’s all shut up,” said Millie.

“I’m sure I saw something move between the boards at one of the upstairs windows,” said Jess.

“You imagined it,” said Millie.

“I’m going to take a look,” said Jess.

“You can, I’m not, it’s supposed to be haunted,” said Millie.

“That’s a lot of crap,”

Jess headed up the short driveway to the front door and pushed it.

“It’s open,” called Jess, “I’m going in.”

“Be careful, I’ll stay here.” replied Millie.

Jess pushed slowly pushed the door open and went inside. She found herself in a large entrance hall. There was a smell of decay, and there was rubbish on the floor, apart from that, the place appeared to be empty. Jess started to walk around the dimness. Some light was coming in from between the wooden panels at the windows. She went round pushing at each door she could see, and looking gingerly round it. All the rooms were empty. Suddenly she heard a noise. She froze and her heart skipped a beat. Don’t be stupid, it must be the wind, she said to herself. She listened for a moment and then as she was about to move she thought she heard voices upstairs. She was tempted to run to the door and leave, but something stopped her. She had come this far, why not go on. She pulled herself together and slowly climbed the stairs, stopping every few seconds to listen; nothing. She reached the top, and suddenly she thought she heard laughter. Again she froze. She was tempted to go down, but again curiosity got the better of her. She went carefully from room to room, but found nothing until the very last room. There seemed to be a lot of light under the door; much brighter than all the other rooms. She pushed the door open and nearly fainted. Inside, the room was fully decorated with furniture from the Victorian age. There were carpets on the floor, curtains at the window, just as if somebody was living there. Out of the corner of her eye something caught her attention. As she looked, a shiver went down her spine. Standing on the other side of the room were two figures dressed in black, just like pictures that Jess had seen of Victorian women. One figure was much older than the other one, and she was holding a cane, just like the ones the teachers used at school. The older figure beckoned Jess to come over. She stood rooted to the spot in terror, then suddenly she ran from the room and dashed own the stairs as fast as her legs could carry her. She raced across the entrance hall, nearly falling over the junk on the floor. She reached the door, grabbed the handle but it wouldn’t turn. She wrenched at it and kicked at the door, but to no avail. She tried to cry out to Millie for help, but no sound came out. She turned round, trying to think of a way to escape leaning with her back on the door. Suddenly she noticed the two figures at the top of the stairs. They were both beckoning her to come up. Again Jess was rooted to the spot in terror. The two figures stood patiently waiting. Jess just stood panting for breath. Slowly but surely she calmed down. The two figures made no attempt to come down, but just kept beckoning to Jess.

Finally she felt that she had no choice, and went across the hall and started to ascend the stairs. She could see that the younger one had an evil looking smile on her face; it could only mean trouble for Jess. When she reached the top of the stairs, the two women took her by the arms in an icy grip, and took her into the room. It had a strange musty smell, and was lit by gas lamps on the walls. In the middle of the room was a chaise longue. The two women pulled Jess, who was now resisting, to one end, and then bent her over it. The women’s hands were like blocks of ice as they forced her over. The younger one held her down with her hands on Jess’s shoulders. The older one began to lash the cane across Jessica’s bottom. Fortunately she was wearing thick jeans so the pain wasn’t intense although it was bad enough to make her cry out. After ten lashes they stopped, and she was allowed up. Jess got up and rubbed her sore bottom. Both women said nothing and just stood and watched.

“Who are you?” demanded Jess.

The women just stood like statues. Jess noticed their strange looking eyes. They seemed to be in a trance. She slowly inched away from them, and as they made no move to stop her she turned and ran from the room. She dashed downstairs and up to the front door. Just as she got there it opened and in stepped Millie.

“Are you alright Jess, you’ve been ages, what’s going on?”

Jess was still breathless from her ordeal. “Hang on, let me get my breath back,” gasped Jess.

“You look as if you’ve seen a ghost,” said Millie, staring at Jess.

“I have, two of them,” gasped Jess.

“Oh come on, you’re having me on,” laughed Millie.

“I swear I’m telling the truth, they even caned me.”

Millie laughed. “What like they do at school I suppose?”

“Except it wasn’t school, it was up there in one of the rooms,” insisted Jess.

“This gets more ridiculous every time you open your mouth,” said Millie.

“Alright, if you don’t believe me, look at my bum,” said Jess.

“Go on then, prove it.”

Jess started to undo her Jeans. Suddenly she realised that her bottom didn’t hurt any more. She took down her jeans and pulled down her knickers. “There you are, see the marks.”

Millie looked. “What marks? Have you been dreaming?”

“But they must be there; I got ten strokes bent over some sort of couch.”

“Well there’s no marks there,” said Millie.

Jess twisted round as far as she could and looked at the edge of her bottom. Sure enough there was no sign of any cane marks. “But that can’t be right. I was caned by this woman in a black dress and held down by another.”

“Are you sure you haven’t been taking that drug that makes you hallucinate? What’s it called, LSD.”

“No I haven’t; wouldn’t touch the stuff.”

“Alright, show me the room,” said Millie.

“I’m not sure I want to go back, it was really creepy,” said Jess.

“But the place is empty,” said Millie.

“But this room wasn’t. It was just like a Victorian lounge, and the women were dressed in Victorian clothes.”

“This I must see,” said Millie.

“Alright, I’ll take you there, come on.”

Now that she had Millie with her, Jess had got her confidence back.

The pair mounted the stairs and Jess took Millie along the landing to the room. As she got there she noticed that there was no light under the door.

“This is the one,” said Jess.

She pushed the door open, and straight away she could see that the room was empty. She stepped inside, followed by Millie.

“But this is the room, I’m not imagining it.”

“Well, I don’t see anything Victorian here,” said Millie.

Suddenly there was an icy feel to the room and both girls started to feel dizzy and everything became hazy. After a few seconds, the room felt warm and the haziness cleared. Standing in front of the two girls were the two women that Jess had seen. Millie and Jess looked at each other and to their amazement they found themselves dressed in Victorian maid’s outfits.

“So you are the new maids, what are your names?” asked the woman.

“Where are we, what’s going on?” demanded Jess.

“How dare you address me in that fashion; servants should only address their mistress when told to do so,” said the woman.

“Servants, we’re not servants, where are we?” demanded Millie.

The older woman turned to the younger one. “Kathleen, take these two to the study and give them a thrashing, they need to be taught a lesson in how to behave.”

Kathleen went to take Jess by the arm.

“Get your hands off of me,” snarled Jess.

“How dare you,” retorted Kathleen.

“Let us out, we’re not staying here,” demanded Millie.

“You are staying here whether you like it or not, you are our servants and you will be treated as such,” said the woman.

“Come on Millie, let’s get out of here,” said Jess.

The pair turned to open the door but to their horror it was locked.

“You are going nowhere, so you might as well accept your lot. Kathleen, take one of these girls to the study.”

Kathleen took Millie by the arm. Millie shrugged it off.

“Alright, I will do it,” said the older woman, who was presumably Kathleen’s mother.

She strode over to Millie, who backed away, but to no avail. The woman grabbed Millie and dragged her to another door and into the corridor.

Kathleen looked at Jess. “What is your name?”

“I’m not telling you anything, just let us go.”

“It is useless to resist, we shall thrash you regularly until you submit to us,” said Kathleen.

Meanwhile, Millie fought and kicked as she was taken to the study. The woman pushed her in and then locked the door. Then she went to a cupboard and took out a whippy cane.

“Come here,” ordered the woman.

“You come and get me,” replied a defiant Millie.

The woman breathed hard, and then went over to Millie who tried to dodge her, but it was useless. She was grabbed and bent over the desk. The woman held her down while she pulled up her black dress. She then proceeded to thrash Millie’s bottom. Millie had no idea how many strokes she got, but it was enough to leave her writhing in agony over the desk. After replacing the cane, the woman grabbed Millie by the arm and dragged her out and up the nearby staircase. They arrived at a room in the attic and Millie was pushed inside. It was the servant’s bedroom. Millie flung herself on the bed and cried until Jess arrived, having suffered the same fate.

After they had recovered they tried to get out of the room, but the door was locked. Jess went to the window and looked out, half expecting to see cars and people walking past. Instead she saw the same road as they had left, but people in Victorian dress were walking past and horse drawn carriages were on the road.

“Come here Millie,” said Jess.

Millie came over and joined Jess at the window. It now dawned on them that somehow they had gone back in time and were trapped.

“How are we going to get back to the sixties?” asked Jess.

“No idea, I suppose we’re stuck here until something happens,” said Millie.

“Well, we can’t stay here. Those two are a couple of sadists,” said Jess.

“Let’s do as they say and then we should be able to get away and take our chances,” said Millie.

“Right, we’ll do that,” said Jess.

Back in the 1960s, two teenage girls were walking past the house when they suddenly noticed two old ladies walking up the drive to the front door. The stood and watched as they reached the front door, instead of stopping and opening it, they walked straight through it as if it wasn’t there.

“They must be ghosts of people that lived there,” said one girl.

“So it is true, that place is haunted, lets get out of here,” said the other.
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Mar 16, 2019
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