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When someone hurts your feelings, do you put on a happy face or look hurt? Why?

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Eyeamhere · F
I blow them a kiss and smile
It's hard for me to pretend in front of a person who hurt me, especially if there is a level of closeness between us.
It's not about looking any way. It's about being genuine.
xuxuguinhu9 · 31-35, T
[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts] im like this too. the more i try ti hide the more it comes out. often i burst in tears like a child 🤣
[@1204467,xuxuguinhu9] ❤️
pattycakechamp · 26-30, F
I try not to let it show. They don't need that little "win" in their head (assuming they're one of the people that gets off on hurting feelings).
Eyeamhere · F
SteelHands · 61-69, M
Only to myself would I entrust the care and well being of my feelings to. I would not entrust the care and well being of something to anyone who does not know well the thing to which I can say they know nothing about.
ElSenordeLosCielos · 22-25, F
I live by the quote “I pissed on the man who called me a dog, why did he expect any different” (Diogenes). Depending on what they did to hurt me, it can be anywhere from verbally expressing my disdain to going out of my way to make them miserable every day.
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
{@puppyprivilege] i look hurt or may feel slight anger depending on what it is
I don't fake it. They usually know.
[@1141631,FadingStar] I always wear my feelings on my sleeve.
I think I either look hurt or have a blank expression and become quite unresponsive and distant.
I hold the hurt inside and ponder to myself why it seams that people want to hurt me instead of be my friend or care but I have learned that some people are just bad people you just have to leave them behind and concentrate on good decent people
Magenta · F
I don't pretend things I don't feel and don't hide my feelings well. It would depend on circumstances/situation.
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45
I can't do pretense at all, and especially not when it comes to my emotions. Even if it's in mere writing, my feelings can't be repressed, nor denied for what they truly are.
Asmae · 31-35, F
No. I can’t put on a happy face. I’m not a good actress. I become distant. Sometimes I burst out.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Put on a happy face. They are not allowed to know they hurt me.
HappyMedium · 51-55, F
[center]I smile,
but like this
Piper · 61-69, F
I'm not looking at myself, usually, when someone hurts my feelings. I'm pretty sure my face would show it somehow though, no matter what face what I [i]tried[/i] to put on.

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