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I Believe In Twin Flames

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My twin flame does drugs.

I feel high several times a week, sometimes less than that, and it's been going on since I was a kid 馃槀

It's so funny, cause as a kid I felt giggly and random, I could "look drugged" if I wanted to during those times, and nowadays I feel it in my whole body, I get tired eyes and numb lips and I get ideas I can actually SHARE with people now, which I couldn't as a kid...

All around it's funny and quite the experience, but I gotta make sure I don't skip meals because then I really feel drugged and look like it too 馃榿
31-35, F
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May 23, 2020
BetweenKittensandRiots31-35, T
I am so sorry for the unsolicited advice it's kind of hypocritical in that it drives me crazy too but In this case for more than one reason, some selfish and some selfless I have something I'd like to impart in response.

if you wonder my motives


I am an all or nothing type in a lot of regards and am very much so in the growth camp.

I used to be open to the idea but now I realize that in essence nobodies perfect. There's no perfect couple...

people grow on me the same way music can.

Really it's for your own good- you'll have happier relationships in the long run without the belief.
Poor you.

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I Believe In Twin Flames
A group for members who found their twinflames or for people who might believe in twinflames.
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My twin flame does drugs. I feel high several ti... | I Believe In Twin Flames | Similar Worlds