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I Used to Self Harm

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I haven't self harmed in about 7 months, but I really feel like doing it today. When/If I do, what is the best way to tell my therapist, without really telling my therapist (Such that he would be legally required to report me to the higher authorities?!)
22-25, F
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Sep 19, 2019
Edited: 5 mths ago
Iamyourdaddy · 22-25, M
Self harm is easy to do , tbh.

Sometimes I remember how I used to feel and some days I realise not much has changed.
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@459548,ExhaustedMystery] Same. Everyone tells me I am a wildly different person than I used to be, but I always take every step possible to prove I am not.
[@987782,ChubbyCheesecake] that's what you should say
switchfoot · 31-35, M
there's no need why you should start doing it again. It isn't going to help you in any way. Talk to people who are close to you and be absolutely honest about your feelings.
switchfoot · 31-35, M
[@987782,ChubbyCheesecake] You can. Also why you want to take such a decision. If you think nobody understands then straightaway change your therapist
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@88020,switchfoot] They would understand, but in my state, therapists are legally required to inform the police if a client of theirs expresses suicidal thoughts. I don't want to go to jail again.
switchfoot · 31-35, M
[@987782,ChubbyCheesecake] That doesnt sound right. Just because someone have suicidal thoughts, put them in Jail? How does that work out
Harriet03 · 36-40, F
Try not to, if you do. Wear short sleeves!
Harriet03 · 36-40, F
[@987782,ChubbyCheesecake] just a suggestion.
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@763897,Harriet03] Sorry, I don't want to walk around looking like a walking, talking mental health awareness billboard.
Harriet03 · 36-40, F
[@987782,ChubbyCheesecake] Wear a jacket until you get in his/ her office.
It ain't Rocket science!! 🤦‍♀️
Aidan · 22-25, F
Maybe try the rubber band method instead
SW User
It’s a complicated thing self harm. When I started (aged 7) it wasn’t spoken about and incredibly taboo. Regarding your therapist it’s always best to be 100% honest with them or they can’t do their job properly, I learnt that the hard way. Hope you find some peace and remember to be kind to yourself🌷
Differente · 26-30, M
Think of why you want to self harm and discuss the reason with your therapist

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I Used to Self Harm
Pretty self-explanatory - a group for those who no longer self harm and wish to share their experiences
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