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Reply and Block.. lol

Have you observed how lacking in basic intelligence some people are..

They reply to your post and then block you..

You get a notification that someone has replied ( and they have replied ) but you cannot read anything that have said because they blocked you.. LOL

What kind of moron writes a reply to a person and blocks them so they cannot read it?? 馃ぃ
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馃 I dont think they're are morons nor lack basic intelligence (what ever that means). It's clear they dont want to continue (basic descion making skills, identifying the lack of benefit in continuing) but also endeavour to close the communication in a superior position primarily for others in the group. The latter clearly demonstrates social awareness, hierarchies within communication and within social groups etc. etc.

So other than being uncharitable in the discord I dont see it!
[@854658,SamtheDog] full on agree. As a person very low in the hierarchy currently this is exactly how i'd deal with it.

It's like I just want to leave a comment like "wow, that was toxic." But not give them a chance to contradict because I know precisely if anyone else is watching even giving thme the opportunity to offend me and piss me off will make nuetral observers think they won.

I just want to be like "you're toxic bye! and get the last word without giving them the chance to clap back. and aside I don't owe Toxic people charity anyways.

BlytheF Best Comment
That's not their point. The point is for [i]others[/i] to see them get the last word. They aren't always stupid, but they are always petty.
[@1189191,tiktok] Get a haircut, and get a real job
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[@946591,Blythe] Like His big bother Bob..
[@1086573,Adstar] Exactly! :)
someone who isnt thinking. thats happened to me.
much of the pain and madness in the world shows up here.

Is there a better reason people hurt one another?
Most people are not doing good it seems like. The world is taking a nose dive. But spring is coming so that's good!
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[@889684,Carazaa] Ha, spring for you guys in the northern hemisphere.. Here in the southern half of the world it is heading into Autumn 馃嚘馃嚭
[@1086573,Adstar] Oh I see! Is it very hot right now in Australia?
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[@889684,Carazaa] No.. It has been a very mild summer for us here.. One of the most mild i think i have experienced.. Today was in the mid 20's Deg C ..

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