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I Live With Autism

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I had an autistic meltdown this morning. Crying, Screaming, Hitting self, and all the typical symptoms featured. It's the first real meltdown for me in about 4 years. I hope another one doesn't come soon. Treating it with alcohol, for me the usual solution.
22-25, F
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Nov 12, 2019
BobOrtiz · 31-35, M
Don’t do that. You’ll make everything worse.
sandrides · 26-30, M
Hey, these are just words named with actions. There's nothing as such. You can deal this calmy too but you had influence of these acts somewhere and it helped you to relax.
rckt148 · 56-60, M
I have Grandsons that have autism ,they did that kind of stuff
pick and choose what they would eat
The could down load a game or a movie ,but not do simple things for themselves
Hitting and scratching themselves and others
3 days with me and I was getting calls from the teachers asking if I was a miracle worker ...I just rewarded good behavior ,and punished bad
It was a miracle ,,no one ever seen them behave before
I had a brother in law (his sister and I divorced ) but I have known him since he was a kid ,,he is an autistic savant
I noticed when he was with his Mom he acted out ,,but never with his Dad around ,,,so ,,I began to call him down when he acted out
He is 63 now ,and he was not suppose to live this long
At family events ,they put him near me
He will jump up in other peoples faces and shoot birds at them
he has scared the crap out of people ,he is a big man
but all I have to do is call his name and he turns back gentle as a lamb
Wonder why it is ,,all 3 of them listen to me and no one else ?
HannahSky · F
Alcohol isn't the best choice, but you know that.

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