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It's always the liberal's fault, right?
Mass shootings, blame liberals. Economy collapses...liberals will most likely be blamed. Donald Trump has a heart attack...probably liberals, right? Seems to be an automatic response nowadays to many events that happen in America, LOL.
SW User
64 replies
Aug 11, 2019
If you are deleting my factual posts, I'm done
I'll try, as long as you promise me you will try to be nice to me, it would a mutual agreement: deal?
SW User
[@4651,TheeOriginalAmazingsEXLover] I'll be nice to you as long as you're not disrespectful on my posts, lol. I don't tolerate bullying.
I dont bully, I just speak with strength and authority!
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
Why is it?
SW User
[@532584,Bootsiebaby] Well, as far as politics goes, they would simply be going against their own side...
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@783701,Rose415] I'm not only talking about politics, I'm talking about trolling in general.
SW User
[@532584,Bootsiebaby] Good question 🤔...
HunterDude · 18-21, M
Really? I think most people on earth are blaming the right for the mass shootings going on.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Self awareness on the part of liberals could change that. They aren't capable of it however.
SW User
[@423488,curiosi] That could definitely be said for both sides.
TexChik · 36-40, F
Libtards get prosecuted for treason and go to prison, and their philosophy becomes unelectable...definitely the liberal's fault.
SW User
[@113373,TexChik] You mean [b]criminals[/b], which are both on the left [b]and[/b] the right.
SW User
I still don't understand why leftists call themselves liberals when they're some of the most illiberal, fascistic people on the face of the planet.
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@964073,iso9660] I don't know about the US, but in my country the right are closer to what you say the left are.
SW User
[@532584,Bootsiebaby] Well I don't know where you live. This discussion is about the US specifically.
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@964073,iso9660] I live in the UK. I didn't realise the two were as indescribably different as that. I always thought the US Republicans were similar to our Tories and their Democrats were similar to our Socialists.
autumn25 · 26-30, F
[c=#800000]Those who think that way are not the brightest tools in the shed.[/c]
Meant to be used
Dshhh · 41-45, M
biggest federal deficit in history
thats a thing
[@686055,Dshhh] 1 word, oDUMBER
This message was deleted by its author.
It's because they're so dumb that they pass gun control laws to take away law biding citizen's will follow but criminals won't! Duhhhh, make sense now, liberal?
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
[@4651,TheeOriginalAmazingsEXLover] I sincerely doubt that ;)
You just did it! Dont call me a liar.

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