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I Talk to My Cat

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I Talk to My Cat
My kitten's response when I asked if he was a good boy and wanted a treat...
31-35, F
+ 15 16 replies 74 views Aug 11, 2018 |
I Talk to My Cat
My sweet baby kitty always greets me when I arrive home from work, every morning. She meows at the back door and purrs while she says hello. She also makes sure she greets me at 4:45pm every single day for her dinner. I trust she appreciates me 😇...
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+ 2 8 replies 4 views Jul 31, 2017 |
I Talk to My Cat
Help me Lord.. Hake lewier! Haler leuier!! Help. Let this .. Psychostica. Shahin soudastica canadianistica.. Go and away...... Gooh. She iscmy Russian step more on, sistah.
22-25, F
+ 0 1 reply 2 views Nov 15, 2016 |
I Talk to My Cat
He always talks back..or starts the conversation! Birman. I wonder what he would be saying.
31-35, F
+ 2 1 reply 8 views Nov 15, 2016 |
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I Talk to My Cat
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