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I'm a Movie Addict

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The Thermians are the best thing in 'Galaxy Quest'
22-25, F
20 replies
Dec 24, 2017
Protocol2000 · 18-21, M
Movie addict! Yippee! A fellow human. What genre do u prefer? And u into anime and manga btw?
Protocol2000 · 18-21, M
Well, good to know... I guess? :) [@652838,callmeprincess]
callmeprincess · 22-25, F
[@360912,Protocol2000] Well you asked.
Protocol2000 · 18-21, M
Well, guess I did :) [@652838,callmeprincess]
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
Love that movie.

Have a happy Christmas, if you are celebrating
callmeprincess · 22-25, F
[@232811,DanielChristensen] Thank you, you too.
SamHarris · 26-30, M
[@652838,callmeprincess] I got to look into Galaxy Quest. Thank you for mentioning that.

Have a most merry Christmas, Princess.
everfrocked · 22-25, F
Interesting cast that worked really well.
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
I'm a Movie Addcit As Well Love Galaxy Quest
robocat893 · 51-55, M
I love Galaxy Quest! I actually just watched it yesterday.
ProfRS · 56-60, M
This is a really good movie. Very underrated. I am Paul.
I love seeing them in other roles makes me laugh
ProfRS · 56-60, M
Good movie. Very underrated.
NaughtyAmber · 46-50, M
A galaxy quest person who watched the movie. That’s very interesting. Your the first.
callmeprincess · 22-25, F
[@368946,NaughtyAmber] What?
NaughtyAmber · 46-50, M
[@652838,callmeprincess] galaxy quest was not a big movie near me.
robocat893 · 51-55, M
[@368946,NaughtyAmber] I didn't know anything about Galaxy Quest until I found it in the bargain bin at Best Buy. I'm glad I did. Galaxy Quest is one of my very favorite movies!
that movie was hilarious a spoof on Star Trek
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I'm a Movie Addict
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The Thermians are the best thing in 'Galaxy Q... | I'm a Movie Addict | Similar Worlds