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I Love Photography

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Another coastal road, another photo opportunity. Scotland.
51-55, F
28 replies
Oct 27, 2019
okaybut · 51-55, M
Lovely again...
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Thank you [@510907,okaybut]
Longpatrol · 26-30, M
God, that’s lovely
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
[@645510,Longpatrol] As Bobby Burns would say:

Bobby Burns would love it!
I dream about moving to scotland
green and wet
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
I don't think I've ever seen grass quite so green. [@980195,IseeBeautifulThingsAroundYou]
rckt148 · 56-60, M
Very Nice Penny
Something I have always wanted to see first hand
where mountains and the ocean meet
I have spent most of my life on the ocean
was blessed to live on some very beautiful mountains
But I have never seen them together ..other then in friends pics that have
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Scotland was amazing. I started at Inverness and drove around the north and west coast, snapping away at every turn.[@9499,rckt148]
rckt148 · 56-60, M
[@14495,pennynoodles] a dear friend of mine is from Ireland and he is a cyclist
He is all over the world in cycling events ,he sends back such awesome pics
I keep telling him that his shipping trunks are going to end up 240 lbs overweight ,be careful how he tosses them around
My traveling days are over I am afraid ,but I love the pics
Hope you're travels are safe and happy ones ,with shots like that I am sure they are
Thanks for sharing with us Penny ,stay safe 🤗
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Thanks. You're welcome. [@9499,rckt148]
An no sign of a border in the sea as yet,ta spoil your view
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
LOLOL not yet. [@376801,LUVELACE]
[@14495,pennynoodles] Wat ye rekon on the vote eh,ye think it will git the SNP up for independence for ye
4meAndyou · F
Beautiful! Looks like parts of northern Maine.

pennynoodles · 51-55, F
It does![@387713,4meAndyou]
TAReturns · 46-50, M
Beautiful country
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
It's simply amazing. [@329057,TAReturns]
Makes me think of this !!

pennynoodles · 51-55, F
It won't be long now[@561441,FrogManIsNotGay]
JoyfulSilence · 41-45, M
Hidden cove!
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
All amazing stuff[@68716,JoyfulSilence]

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Another coastal road, another photo opportunity.... | I Love Photography | Similar Worlds