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I Have to Work On Sunday

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I didn't show up this time.
Last night, I wasn't feeling so good. I felt exhausted with literally [b]everything.[/b] Even got into an argument with my wife about it, although it was more of her trying hard to help and I didn't want her to be dragged into it. It's just exhausting.

I woke up with so much [b]anxiety.[/b] I had to work with someone I hate for 3 days (including today). He's verbally abusive in the sense it's not threats; but it's insults, manipulation (playing the victim card/shifting blame to someone else for something he did), humiliation, and excessive shaming/criticism. He's one step above me but that hasn't stopped me from putting him in his place. I would put him in the spotlight infront of everyone and anyone, when he'd make jabs at me. Once the fighting would settle down, he'll try to "talk" about it and that's when the manipulation begins ("I'm only trying to help you. We'll get better. I'll make you better." When in reality he only helps himself, no one else). Today, tomorrow, and the day after I have to work with that.

However, lately, my own problems are getting to me and I don't have the energy to fight with him today. Especially now as a manager myself, he abuses my position to the extreme. "Can you take care of this, this, this, this, and that. Thank youuuuuu (sarcastically)." Meanwhile, he's busy screwing around.

So as of today, I've sent in an application to work for somebody else that'll be very interested in allowing me to be a part of their team. Also a company, I look forward to invest into. Will also write a beautiful letter of resignation to turn in explaining all of this, other things unrelated to him, but issues I've made a mental note of.

Wish me luck!!! It's hard to go through a transition period when you're dealing with financial hardships and more personal health issues.:)

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I Have to Work On Sunday
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