I Hate Men Sometimes
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So, men, do YOU think the world revolves around you or something? 🤔

Today I went to buy a perfume.. Now I am often drawn to perfumes with a fresh fragrance, and I am not much into perfumes that have this sweet scent. Which is why there is this one perfume that I often use, as it pretty much smells like soap. But today, and because I am feeling down and bored, I figured maybe I should try a new perfume. So I asked the guy working there to show me different perfumes.

He showed me many perfumes with a sweet scent, which he seemed to like, but I didn't much.. So I told him this is not my style and I chose something else that smelled fresh.. He was like, yea, this may not be your style, but most men would like those.. I really got pissed at this comment, and said something similar to; well guess what, I don't wear perfumes to lure men 🤷‍♀️

It is so annoying!! I wear perfumes to feel refreshed, confident, to cheer myself up, to smell good FOR MYSELF.. Don't give a phuk about what strange men like or don't!!

I mean if I am dating someone and they liked a certain smell or they didn't like something, yea I would consider it. My ex was creeped out by the baby cologne I wore, ok fine I stopped wearing it.. BUT I am not going to choose perfumes based on what men generally like 🤷‍♀️

Every time I think about his comment I feel so furious.. like there is a sense of entitlement often felt in the way many men speak!!!
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MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Men in general take care of ourselves because we want to attract women. Women in general are different in that they just do it for themselves.

In his mind, he was just trying to help you. I would have calmly explained this to him.
I can be picky with smells cause some can aggravat my sinuses and or give me headaches. Like soap smells, "unscented" stuff, things that smell like linen. I like the smell of lavender buy if it is really strong it feels like my head is stuff and I'm high.
mrlopez · 26-30, M
No he is just thinking like a guy 😂 so when he said that the guys would like the perfume, he thought women put perfume on to the attract guys like men do. To be honest only reason why straight guys wear perfume/cologne is to attract women. So, he thought with that logic women might be the same. Of course he was wrong though 🤣
MilitantIrishman · 26-30, M
[@1161949,mrlopez] yeah this sums it up pretty well
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
[@1161949,mrlopez] I'm not entirely sure about that. I mean, yes I'm attracted to women and appreciate when they are attracted to me. But I always wear cologne when going out because I like the smell and it makes me feel good. I don't want to smell bad around anyone in public, bit obnoxious when people do.
WalkingLoner · 22-25, M
[@1161949,mrlopez] I don't want to bother people with my potentially "bad" odor but yes, wearing a perfume rarely has to do for personal reasons. In a world without other people I won't have a need for perfumes at all.
Tminus6453 · M
Yeah thats not a very good salesman move... hope you didnt end up buying from them
TheProf · 61-69, M
I guess he was probably quite a young guy. He will learn, eventually. In the meantime, Miss Gaga, forget about him and feel good about yourself wearing your favourite perfume.
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@1209984,TheProf] He seemed my age.. wouldn’t call him “quite young”.
walabby · 61-69, M
You GO, girl! :)😍
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
I like it natural
AuRevoir · 31-35, M
I think we live in a world of escapism most of the time.. even while we work or interact with one another.. we enjoy immersion the most.. believing women buy the products to make others than themselves feel nice.. also adds to the marketing that ken should buy these gifts to women, because when they do so, they’re giving in turn a gift to the world..

Regardless how easily we anger or infuriate one another..

We’re all forced to coexist as much as possible.. The minute we cease to do so, is the opportune chance for the most dangerous minds and thoughts to cease hold of the world..
DDonde · 31-35, M
I suspect it's cause we cannot relate to why you wear perfume at all. So we come up with our own explanations.
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@373024,DDonde] I find it a weird logic.. what is impressive about wearing a perfume? The obvious reason why anyone would wear a perfume is like i said in the story, to feel refreshed, and confident as they have a nice smell on them.
DDonde · 31-35, M
[@4367,MissGaga] I can't relate to that though. I only think about how others will perceive it - it does nothing for me personally.
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@373024,DDonde] Yea and what I am telling you is that normally “others” wear perfumes to smell good not to attract others to them. If it were the case, if this was the main and obvious motivation, we would have seem single people exclusively wearing perfumes 🤷‍♀️ If you are married why bother wear a perfume right. But it is not the case, because it has nothing to do with attracting someone.
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@10788,piecingmebacktogether] he was Egyptian. O.o Egyptian men keep pissing me off 🤬 If only they all can be a baby face like you 🤷‍♀️
[@4367,MissGaga] No comment *snores* 😂
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] LOL AT THAT 🤣 You nailed it lol
MissGaga · 26-30, F
AHA!!!!!!!! [@4367,MissGaga]
Crazywaterspring · 56-60, M
Buy and wear what you like. He's an entitled punk who has no experience with women outside his family.
[quote]baby cologne[/quote]

baby cologne baby cologne baby cologne And I'm the baby face? 😅

Also fuck that weirdo. He should think about that while buying perfume for his mom. Why are they even keeping an idiot like that in a job like that. Those people make me furious too!
[@4367,MissGaga] Lol I exposed you 😂😂😂 I win this time 💀💀
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] I really have to be careful of what I say on here 🤬 Like seriously AHA! 🤣 Ever since I saw that video, I've been AHAing more often haha
[@4367,MissGaga] 😂😂 say goodbye to your morals
JupiterDreams · 26-30
He sounds like a jerk...
Allelse · 31-35, M
Well of course it does!
WalkingLoner · 22-25, M
Why did you expect him to know what your purpose was with buying the perfume ?

He just gave you an info which was useless for you. We get useless info from people (and the media) all the time. Plus, it is a tactic for the salesmen to make you buy stuff you don't need by inventing various stuff.

Doesn't mean we can afford to get annoyed every time we get a useless info.
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[quote] Why did you expect him to know what your purpose was with buying the perfume ? [/quote]
I don’t think “the purpose” of wearing a perfume is such a mystery for people to find out 🤷‍♀️ It is obvious why people wear perfumes and if he doesn’t know, he should NOT assume, alright.

[quote] He just gave you an info which was useless for you.[/quote]

No this is not just merely useless info. It is a comment that reflects a backwards mentality that assumes women are there to please men, wear make up and perfumes for men. It is a backward assumption that he should not have made on customers, so don’t call it just useless info
The stupid bit in what he said was " this may not be your style, but ". People shouldn't wear perfumes they don't feel comfortable with, it's got to be intimate.
IssaJoke · C
the solar system rotates around my peener, yes
Viper · 31-35, M
Tell him, men like what I give them 🤪
Classified · M
[quote]men, do YOU think the world revolves around you[/quote] I'm not [i]that[/i] heavy. 😶
I think for myself. 💩 just because one moron said something stupid doesn’t mean we’re all dumb.

For every idiot man I’m gonna wager there’s an equally stupid woman in this world. So you aren’t alone with dealing with idiots on the regular.
Freeranger · M
[@527461,Teggy] Hallelujah! Someone stops coddling and says that shit like it is. Damn straight buddy. Best answer
Nanori · 26-30, F
He's just there trying to do his job lol, I don't mind when I hear things like that I just shrug it off and tell them what I'm looking for instead

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