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I Love Horror Movies

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2 weeks left in October, my how time flies, scary stuff ...
... but also nice when you're waiting for something.

14 horror movies to watch

1. Uninvited - the last unseen yet recently gotten one that might be a fave

2. 3. 4. 5. The 4 Unearthed Films already mentioned on another post, you see how deftly i refrain from repeating myself on the same day

6. Vampyr - a must watch, Carl Dreyer, cinema god, establishes a droning dreaminess, which is all the more wonderful seeing as he came from a strict Lutheran heritage

7. 8. 9. 10. Nick Millard's Criminally Insane 2, Cemetery Sisters, and the 2 Death Nurses, Nick establishes also a droning dreaminess, but totally bereft of any talent.

11. The Exorcist - gotta include a classic

12. The Conjuring 2, having seen the rest of the conjuring universe movies, i am ready to have warm fuzzy feelings for this movie for the first time!!

13. Halloween - John Carpenter's 1978 original

and 14. Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, well maybe all of Kenneth Anger's Magick Lantern cycle

all this and my ongoing 10,000 episode venture and Terrence Malick, plus sleep, sooo busy, almost like being a politician kind of busy, .... without the golf
The Hearse ..

I am too scared to watch horror do you even sleep at night? 馃槚
[@885950,Theonewhochirps] Wtf is that? Is it an adult movie? 馃槅
Theonewhochirps41-45, M
[@372543,Vivaci] It's a cult horror film by Frank Henenlotter, not for kids!!

[@885950,Theonewhochirps] that I could watch. 馃槅馃憤

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