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I Love Horror Movies

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Okay, so I recently rented the movie “The Nun” because I didn’t get the chance to catch it in theaters, I honestly had the biggest hopes for this movie, and I didn’t even jump.
😂 😂 I have to say, it was suspenseful at times, but overall it wasn’t scary!!!!
I was so upset, I was ready to cover my face a scream, and it didn’t happen. 😒😂
22-25, F
4 replies
May 14, 2019
Lilnonames · F
SushiRed · 46-50, F
Good to know! I hate when that happens.
[c=#359E00] Hollywood? They never good at making scary movies, all they good at is making the audiences shocked with sudden appearance and loud sounds[/c]
satanburger · 31-35, F
Ironically I don't watch horror movies for the jump scares but that said, I had high hopes for the Nun too and it was kind of a boring movie.

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